Welcome to ElitSwim - (Pre-Competitive)

ElitSwim - Pre-Competitive(Build Skills) is a year-round swim team that also includes seasonal High school and recreational swimmers who join us to improve their stamina and speed. 

Our programs give swimmers of all skill levels the chance to enhance their positive reinforcement and repetition abilities. ElitSwim instruction covers the most advanced and efficient technique for all four strokes, dives, turns, and underwater streamlines in order to provide the groundwork for a lifetime of recreational or competitive swimming. 
Ages six and older are targeted for our small groups taught by our professionally trained coaches, who include 6–10 swimmers per coach. 

All year-round group programs are prorated at the time of your registration.
Availability is limited!



  • This website serves only the ElitSwim (Pre-Competitive)
  • ElitSwim Club - Competitive: Visit for info the ElitSwim Club website at www.elitswimclub.org
  • ElitSwim Lessons: Please refer to the City of San Ramon Aquatics if you are registering for classes through ElitSwim Lessons for the City of San Ramon for any inquiries, assessments, scheduling, etc




To view the list of group classes and private lessons that are offered at locations near you, click the link below. 



"Danielle's guidance and knowledge is used in such a way that is focused and fun. Maya and Meena truly enjoy swimming and learning from her. We look forward to our continued relationship with Coach DJ, and ElitSwim!"