As we are moving forward through this pandemic we restructured some of our groups to offer a safer and more personalized environment for all participants. Coming into each facility expects to see just a handful of programs and participants as space and safety are ElitSwim's and City's first priority. 

With this new set up we are looking for two swimmers per lane on the opposite side of each wall and with a coach on each side. All swimmers will practice in the same lanes in every practice until we move to the second phase. Your swimmer will hold a specific spot in the same lane in every practice and with the same swimmer on the opposite side of the pool. Every spot is secured and designated specifically to your swimmer and therefore please consider before accepting that we won’t be able to make any changes, offer a refund, makeup practices, or credit for the remaining of each month that you won’t be able to follow.
Space is extremely limited and will follow with a waiting list.

We have developed a four-phase progression while we monitor info from USA swimming, CDC and County to start our practices and depends how the pandemic is developing will move forward and open up slots for more swimmers to take part in our programs till we reach the point on the last phase that we are back on our regular groups and programs.

Some changes to the schedule and guidelines might occur without notification as we constantly receive updates in regards to the current situation and our effort is to keep you all and our coaching staff safe at all times.

First Phase

For more info and look into ours and City's guidelines and next phases you can find on our HOME page>Our Programs>How we train through Covid-19. You can also find the link HERE

ElitSwim is a year-round swim team. We offer two locations for our group and private swim programs. Our programs allow athletes, ranging from beginner to advanced level swimmers, to build upon their skills with positive reinforcement and repetition. ElitSwim team's goals and training includes the most advanced and efficient technique in all four strokes, dives, turns, and underwater streamlines for creating the fundamentals for a life long sport, off-season training for high school and rec team swimmers, increase speed and stamina, succeed in the boys' scout swimming test, & more. 
Our small group ratios of 4-8 swimmers per coach are designed for all ages 6 years old & above and are taught by our professionally trained instructors.
All year round group programs are prorated at the time of your registration. Availability is limited

Click below to check each of the available group classes and private lessons for the location(s) convenient to you.

"Danielle's guidance and knowledge is used in such a way that is focused and fun. Maya and Meena truly enjoy swimming and learning from her. We look forward to our continued relationship with Coach DJ, and ElitSwim!"