Welcome to ElitSwim - (Swim Lessons)!

For the City of San Ramon's swim lessons programs, ElitSwim is the sole provider and has been awarded the contracts for 2018–2022 and 2023–2027.

The City of San Ramon Aquatics website or the City's contact information must be used at all times directly for any registration, scheduling, evaluation/assessment, or other inquiries regarding the City of San Ramon Swim Lessons. 

Please speak directly with your coach on the day of your lesson or with our management on deck if you have any questions about your swimmer's progress or anything related to the swimming program. 
They will be pleased to assist you.

What is the difference between the ElitSwim year-round programs(Pre-Competitive & Competitive) and the City of San Ramon Swim Lessons?​

ElitSwim Year Round!
ElitSwim offers Pre-Competitive and Competitive year-round Team programs. The Pre-Competitive is a specialized team program where all participants work with in-depth technical coaching to develop and enhance their long-term swimming success skills. 
All info related to the ElitSwim (Pre-Competitive) is on this site.
The ElitSwim Club is a Competitive team participating in sanctioned USA Swimming meets locally and nationally. For more info, you can check our website ElitSwim Club www.elitswimclub.org
For both Teams starting age is six years old, and they can swim non-stop freestyle and backstroke for a minimum of 25yards(one lap) distance.

City of San Ramon Swim Lessons!
Participants of all ages can acquire the fundamentals of swimming in a safe, engaging, and supportive environment. Participants enter private or small group lessons that build upon existing skills to become confident and independent swimmers. Programs range from ages Infant/tot to Adults.

Every year, the season for Swim Lessons runs from early April until early October. Each season's registration period opens one month beforehand, and you can register online for assessment dates that are listed on the City website. 
Visit the City of San Ramon Aquatics website directly or click HERE to register and review all information regarding the City of San Ramon's swim lessons.


You must sign in through the City's website for all assessments and tryouts; do not attend the times and dates listed on this site or the website of our ElitSwim Club.

If you're interested in taking swimming lessons, do not register on this site with ElitSwim, as you'll forfeit the registration fee.


Go ElitSwim!