Private and Semi-Private is available for youth and adults with a starting age of 2 years old.

ElitSwim's private coaching is designed to make your child:

  • Be water safe
  • Competitive level ready

With our unique coaching structure and skilled staff, our tailored coaching sessions will increase your child's swimming skills and increase their confidence in their swimming ability.


We offer private & semi-private in our San Ramon Olympic pool(California High School) location year-round and for Dougherty pool(Dougherty Valley High School) from June to August.
There is a limited number of slots available, and they are being scheduled upon availability.
Please Contact Us to check availability.


Private lessons with our top coaches


All of our coaches are selected and trained by us. They have strong swimming backgrounds and receive extensive in-house training, including hands-on training, observation, and partner teaching.

Our coaching staff is professional, highly trained, and certified by the American Red Cross as Water Safety Instructors and Lifeguards.


Private and Semi-Private lessons are offered in group packages with a minimum of six classes.

The lesson fee covers the pool entrance and your lesson's designated time with our ElitSwim instructors.

We require a 48 hour in advance cancelation and rescheduling notice.



Locations/pools: San Ramon Olympic Pool(SROP/Cal High) & Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center(DVAC/DVHS)


Private 1:1 Coaching: (25-30min) Depends on level and age

  • 30min: $55
  • 60min: $110

Semi-Private 2:1 Coaching: (25-30min) Depends on level and age 

  • 30min: $35 per person
  • 60min: $70 per person

*Fees can be split between two clients.

*Semi-Private sessions are available only to pre-arranged parties. We don't provide the second swimmer, and it is your responsibility to do so. Bring your sibling or a friend, and let's have fun!



Private lessons with Paschalis Ntatsos

One-on-one sessions for competitive athletes.

With a focus on:

  • High-performance technique
  • Goal setting
  • Race planning strategy
  • Confidence-building.

Emphasis on increasing overall competitive mental toughness for better practice and improved performance at meets and/or open water and highly demanding races. Swimmers will work on precise biomechanical stroke techniques to avoid swimming-related injuries (or recovery from), perfect balance on the water, and correct stroke tempo.

Advanced land training and conditioning to transform their fitness levels and apply power to their swimming speed and skills.

We require a 48 hour in advance canceling and rescheduling notice.

My location/pool:(San Ramon Olympic Pool (SROP/California High School), Dougherty Valley Aquatic Center (DVAC/Dougherty Valley High School).

For your home or other locations, please Contact Us for availability and pricing.


For Private 1:1

  • 30min: $75
  • 60min: $150

For Semi-Private 2:1

  • 30min: $50 per person
  • 60min: $100 per person



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