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Coaching Staff
Paschalis Ntatsos CEO

Paschalis is an ASCA Level 5 International Senior Coach, and he also holds a Bachelor of Arts in Physical Education & Sports Science(BSS).
One of his unique strengths is that he has combined his extensive international swimming career and training by top European coaches, together with his Head coaching experience across all age groups up to elite international level swimmers. As a result, he can better understand and approach any individual needs with his swimmers to maximize their highest potential. This experience and knowledge is passed on to all of his ElitSwim instructors.
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Eleni Moraiti General Manager

Eleni has extensive experience in management, customer service, and planning throughout her career. She joint ElitSwim to manage the overall program, organize the coaching staff, and ensuring swimmers and parents have an unforgettable and productive experience through all of the ElitSwim programs. She is passionate to provide outstanding service and find workable solutions for any situation making all parents stay informed, and swimmers enjoy their private or group lessons.

Marina Topakas User experience and design

Marina is a prospective graduate from the University of Santa Barbara California. She designs and strategies our website and  uses her creativity to make a more user-friendly website for our team! 

Athena Topakas Manager/Swim Coach

Athena is a collegiate swimmer and has been a competitive swimmer for over fourteen years, four years on the Varsity s wim t eam for her High School and womens Captain in her college. Her love and passion for the swimming world inspires her to continue coaching and educating the future champions in swimming and in life.

Erik Lundeen Manager/Swim Coach

Coach Erik Lundeen.
Erik is a collegiate swimmer with years of experience coaching children of all ages. His swimming career started at the age of seven when he joined a competitive swim team. 
Since then, he has acquired vast knowledge of the swimming technique. Erik swam for Dougherty Valley high school and competed on the varsity Water Polo team for four seasons. 
He taught swim lessons for the City of San Ramon for five years and was a part time coach for Ignite Triathlon team. He is certified by the American Red Cross as a Water Safety Instructor and a Lifeguard.

Olivia Cano Swim Coach

My name is Olivia Cano, and I have been swimming for 12 years. I am currently a NCAA Division III collegiate swimmer at the University of Redlands. I have been a swim instructor at The Wave in Dublin, and last summer coached the Dublin Green Gator Swim Team. In my experience coaching, I have learned to see ways that can help swimmers improve their technique and develop a passion for swimming.

Kenneth Suhaili Swim Coach

Kenneth is a collegiate swimmer and has been swimming competitively for over 10 years. Three years in high school Varisty and one year in college Varsity. He has previous experience teaching young kids how to swim and is excited to share his love and passion of swimming with kids of all ages. 

Casey Wakashige Manager/Swim Coach

Casey was enrolled in a swim school at a young age, and ever since then, she’s had a love for the water. Casey has been on a competitive year-round team for 10 years. She has a great passion for swimming and has obtained a lot of knowledge through her years as a swimmer. She loves working with kids of all ages. She believes that everybody has the potential to become a great swimmer.

Aaron Wakashige Manager/Swim Coach

Aaron started swimming competitively at age 10 and continued for seven years. He swam for California High School's varsity team for three years, and his undying interest in the sport has kept him coming back to the pool even after his competitive life ended. He loves working and seeing the success of young athletes and is excited to watch the next generation of swimmers to grow and take their skills to the next level.

Jonathan Mui Manager/Swim Coach

Jon has been swimming for 12 years summer league and year round. He swam competitively for Pleasanton Seahawks in the Senior Elite Group. He was a varsity swimmer for Foothill High School  for all four years. He is currently a collegiate swimmer and captain for DVC Vikings. He loves to coach and help others improve on their stroke.

Sean Remmert Summer Team Head Coach

 Sean has been swimming competitively for over fifteen years. He has experience in both Summer league swimmer and year round swimming. Sean swam for Monte Vista High School and was captain of the mens varsity team for three of his four years. He loves to see young athletes with the same passion for the sport he has

Taylor Park Manager/Swim Coach

Taylor swam for both Dougherty Valley and a year-round club team throughout middle and high school.  She has a huge passion for the sport and loves being able to coach swimmers of all ages and skill sets.  She is excited to use her experience with technique and competition to help other swimmers strive towards their goals.

Isabelle Dion Age Group Coach

Isabelle has enjoyed swimming since the age of 7 and had been competitively swimming for the 6 years following her start. Afterwhich she swam with Elitswim for 3 years, working on technique and improving her times. She is very passionate about working with swimmers of all ages and is determined on giving the swimmers the extensive knowledge of swimming through fun yet rigorous practices. She knows that in every swimmer there is a champion waiting to be unveiled and strives towards giving everybody the opportunity to flourish. 

Karina Zalatar Age Group Coach

karina has swam for over 12 years and competitively for 8 years. She has competed on Dougherty Valley high school's varsity swim team for 4 years  and their varsity water polo team for 3. With the leadership skills she acquired being the team captain for both water polo and swimming her senior year she is excited to see the potential of each swimmer and coach them to become even better.

Athena Aghighi Swim Coach

Athena started off her swimming career on a competitive year round team for 7 years. She continued swimming for her high school team for 2 years. She has taught multiple swim lessons for a variety of skill levels and ages. She enjoys coaching and ensures that her swimmers enjoy working hard at practice. She is passionate about swimming and has gained valuable experience throughout her years as a swimmer and as a coach. She is always motivated to inspire others to swim. Her experience allows her to encourage her swimmers to overcome their obstacles in swimming and in life. Athena is certified in Lifeguard Skills/ First Aid/ CPR/ AED all under the American Red Cross.

Pieter Cory Swim Coach

Pieter has been doing competitive swimming for 12 years straight. He has gone to several championship meets including ones out of the state and country. Along with competitive swimming he has completed four years of varsity swimming for Dublin High School. Pieter values the tremendous effort and durability that goes into swimming as well as the many lessons that can be learned from it. Pieter will be swimming in college and looks forward to the many lessons he will learn and how he can pass them on to others.

Brian Buckley Swim Coach

Brian has been swimming competitively for over 12 years now in both San Ramon and Santa Cruz. He began swimming for a local summer rec swim team, continued swimming through high school for the Cal High team, and currently swims in college for the UC Santa Cruz swim team. Additionally Brian has coached for the San Ramon Aquacats for the past three years (this year will be his fourth) as a Junior and Assistant coach. Through coaching for the Aquacats he has learned a great amount about how to teach children and teenagers of all ages and abilities how to become comfortable in the water and how to transition into swimming competitively at all levels. His love for chasing his own goals and helping others reach theirs is a major part of why he loves swimming and coaching swimmers. 

Jordan Louie Swim Coach

Jordan has been swimming competitively for the past 8 years on a summer recreation swim team and the past 4 years on his high school swim team. He has a passion for swimming and being in the water and has recovered from two knee injuries to keep on swimming. He is excited to share his passion of swimming with others. Jordan is also certified in First Aid, CPR, AED, and Lifeguarding through the American Red Cross. He works as a lifeguard at a local community pool.

Lindsay Ly Manager/Swim Coach

Lindsay has been competitively swimming on a year-round team for 10 years. Her passion for swimming and improving has not died since the day she got in the pool. She is experienced in working with kids through multiple mentoring programs and is very excited to be working with these future swimmers. With her determination and passion combined, she can show the kids what swimming is all about and will work hard to help them enjoy it as much as she does.

Witney Lam Swim Coach

Witney has been swimming competitively since she was 6 and recently started playing water polo competitively for her HS and individually. When she was 10 she became #1 in the 50 fly in all of California and #3 in the country. Also #3 in the 100 fly in all of California. Even through these accomplishments, Including other ones for free and back, she’s had gone through challenges with swim. But recently she discovers that her love for swimming has not been forgotten or changed, it has just grown. So from this she wants to show the passion and enjoyment swimming brings her and do her best to leave that same feeling in the kids.

Justin Nguyen Swim Coach

Justin has been swimming for 13 years and for the past 9 he has swam competitivly. He is currently on varsity swim for California High school. He loves working with children of any age and always has a positive mentality. He believes that swimming is a good skill to know and everyone should be confortable in the water.

Cherry Park Swim Coach

Cherry is a competitive swimmer. She has been swimming for around 10 years now, from a rec team to a competitive year round swim team. She has a great passion for swimming and teaching new swimmers. She loves to help kids of all ages and abilities. She believes that everyone can become a great swimmer.

Kayla Boydstun Swim Coach

Kayla has been swimming for as long as she remembers. Her love for the water started at a young age when she was enrolled in swim lessons. Ever since then, she's had a great passion for swimming. She has prior experience working as a swim instructor for the City of San Ramon. She loves working with children of all ages, as well as seeing them grow into their full potential as a swimmer. 

Loreli Versosa Swim Coach
Phoebe Hoang Manager/Swim Coach

I have been swimming competitively for 10 years and also played water polo for my high school team at Dougherty Valley. I swam for high school the past 4 years and began swimming summer rec with the Blackhawk Hox for the past 2 years. I will be attending San Diego State University in the fall as a kinesiology major on a pre-physical therapy track. I believe that being water safe is an extremely important life skill and am super excited to help kids overcome their fears and thrive in the water!

Michelle Pham Swim Coach

Michelle has been swimming for as long as she can remember, but she began competitively swimming when she was nine years old. Since then, she has always been at the pool, whether it be swimming, playing water polo, teaching swim lessons, or coaching. She loves to spend her summers with kids and has prior experience working as a swim instructor. Her favorite stroke is butterfly, but she enjoys working with children of all ages and abilities.

Abbey Suhaili Swim Coach

Abbey has been competitively swimming since the age of 5. She also swam for her high school swim team for all 4 years. She has a lot of experience in working with kids through a variety of mentoring positions. She believes that water safety is a very important skill to have and can be taught in a fun and exciting way. She is excited to be able to interact with the kids and help them grow their passion for swimming.

Monica Beltran Swim Coach

Monica has been loving the water since a very young age. She is passionate about swimming and has been a competitive swimmer for 10 years as well as currently being on the varsity swim team at California High. She loves children of all ages and enjoys teaching them under a fun and positive environment. She believes that swimming is an important life skill that anyone can be great at.

Raymond Kang Swim Coach

Raymond has been swimming competitively for 7 years and recreationally for as long as he remembers. He also is currently a varsity swimmer in Dougherty Valley and enjoys swimming and coaching. He understands what needs to be done technically and mentally to get kids swimming fast. He is also certified in  Lifeguard Skills/ First Aid/ CPR/ AED all under the American Red Cross.

Matthew Wold Swim Coach
Ashley Wong Swim Coach

Ashley has swam competitively for over 8 years. She started swimming as a child on a summer recreational team then moved to year-round when she started high school. She has experience in private lessons with young children and enjoys helping them improve.

Lisa Zhao Swim Coach

Lisa has only been swimming competitively for two years but that has not stopped her from making the Cal High Varsity swim team as a freshman this year. She loves being in the water and swimming. She is very excited to  work with kids and help them grow as young swimmers. She believes that everyone has the potential to become a great swimmer.

Madden Miller Swim Coach
Hannah Sevin Swim Coach

Hannah has been swimming recreationally and competitively for 6 years. She is currently swimming for California High School on the varsity team. Hannah likes swimming and hopes to help young children enjoy swimming as well.

Alyssa Cruz Swim Coach
Maxwell Rendich Swim Coach
Victoria Chen Swim Coach
Neha Musunuri Swim Coach

Neha is a member of USA swimming and has been competitively swimming for the last 10 years. She is a member of the varsity swim team at her high school and enjoys being in the water very much. She is motivated to help younger swimmers develop the skills and the passion that she has for the sport.

Coaches and Staff