Dear ElitSwim friends.
Through these challenging times, ElitSwim is here for you.
As a program, our priority is to keep all of our members safe and healthy, mentally, and physically at all times. We are here to provide the needed tools to develop the cardio, skillset, and strengthening/conditioning, which results in the mental health and stability of all of our swimmers. During this pandemic and with social distancing, we found it crucial to provide all of our members with not only the latest info but also an opportunity to use the tools to come virtually closer and share thoughts and sweat. For that reason, we have created this page and the tabs below.

1) Virtually Strong will include: a) Dryland regime for all of our members' parents & swimmers' physical conditioning. b) Group meetings with various activities where connection and expression will be shared through all of our swimmers to assist them as their getaway from their daily routine.
2) How we practice through Covid-19. Info in regards to the new structure that our Team created to provide a safer environment while attending our practices.
3) Update on Covid-19. How ElitSwim is approaching the pandemic and what steps have we done and work for the future
4) Pools & Covid-19. Info from CDC. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the US agency charged with tracking and investigating public health trends.