Florida Swimming


Splash Jax Swim School​  At Splash Jax Swim School we are passionate about swimming! We serve our community by offering a year-round swim lesson program and swim team. In addition, we have instructors who specialize in triathlete training and special needs swim lessons. And through our non-profit branch "Swim Jax" we are able to raise funds and offer scholarships to families in need.


Swim Lessons:  The Splash Jax swim lesson program was created by owners Nancy & Chris, and incorporates their many years of swimming experience. The program is designed to teach the proper strokes techniques to children at a young age. There is an emphasis in our lessons to "enjoy the journey" so that all swimmers will feel more motivated as they are learning how to swim. We teach "parent/tot" classes for children ages 6 months through 3 years. We teach "learn to swim" classes for children ages 2 years old and up. We teach "stroke school" classes to children who can swim the width of the pool on their own. We teach adult lessons and triathlete technique classes as well. We offer small group classes and private lessons. 

Swim Team:  Splash Jax Swim Team is designed to teach great stroke technique throughout the year to children ages 5 - 15.  We encourage you to look at swimming as an important, life long skill that your child should practice consistently throughout the year.  We do allow you to choose to come and go as your schedule allows, just understand that the improvement is more dramatic if you have consistent commitment. Swim meet opportunities are available to all age groups.

Triathlete Training:  Triathletes can either rent pool time for practice or take private lessons to work on stroke technique in our new indoor "endless pool". We offer 360 degrees video taping as well. So with cameras imbedded in the ceiling and in the pool, a swimmer can stop and watch their stroke for immediate feedback.

Special Needs Swim Lessons:  We have a few instructors who are highly trained and experienced in teaching individuals with special needs. A free trial class is given to asses the degree of special need and to assure proper class placement.

Non-Profit Organization:  Swim Jax is our non-profit organization in which we facilitate year-round fund raising in order to offer swimming scholarships each year. We have had success raising funds through our annual Swim-A -Thon, Family Fun Night, and Dive in Movies and have been able to give $20,000 in scholarships towards swim lessons and swim team for the past 5 years.