Florida Swimming


During the summer months of June and July, we offer BLITZ sessions. These are designed to help families continue with swim lessons and still be able to leave on vacation or join in other summer camps. When you sign up for one BLITZ session, your class will meet at the same time on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday and last only one week. Classes are all 15 minutes in length.

You can sign up for as many BLITZ sessions as you want. Payment is required at the time of registration and holds your spot in class. 

We offer BLITZ sessions at the Davidson pool.  We offer BLITZ sessions for the Learn To Swim classes, as well as, the Stroke School classes. These are kept at the same class size as our regular monthly classes. The cost of one BLITZ session is $92 per child.

All Blitz classes are private lessons only due to COVID-19 guidelines.  However, siblings may schedule a BLITZ together.  Please call 904-608-4775 to schedule a family BLITZ class.  All other classes can be found and registered for online. 

Blitz Classes are our most popular class offered in the summer months.  They run at 100% capacity throughout the summer.

We do not offer refunds for Blitz classes.