Florida Swimming

Learn to Swim 

Any child in our lesson program that is not an independently safe swimmer is considered to be a "Learn to Swim" swimmer.  We start this level as early as 6 months up to adulthood.

"Learn to swim" is teaching the athlete to be comfortable in the water and learning to swim independently for a short period of time without assistance.  

All Learn to Swim classes are private 15 minute classes.

The steps of progressions are:

Putting eyes in

Pushing off to a forward float with kicking

Adding arm strokes

Rolling to the back for rest and floatation

Kicking on their back, adding backstroke arms

Rolling back to the front, kicking and adding arm strokes


Stroke School

Stroke School student is any athlete that can swim independently across the width of the pool demonstrating freestyle and backstroke abilities even though these have not yet been mastered.  Athletes can also roll from the front float position to a back float position without assistance.  

This class is 30 minutes in duration.  We emphasize freestyle and backstroke primarily with proper stroke mechanics, introducing and mastering side breathing for freestyle with good air exchange, while also building strength through kicking.  Backstroke is another focus for this group.  The benefits of swimming backstroke are the ability to have air available while on the back while also strengthening the core due to the variation in weight and floating distribution of the stroke.  Endurance is also an emphasis which allows the athlete to be able to swim longer even though they may be getting more fatigued.  Butterfly and Breastroke are introduced at this level.  

The goal for this lesson is to give the athlete a sound foundation of all 4 of the competitive strokes with proper stroke technique which keeps their efforts the most efficient.  The component of developing aerobic endurance is a fundamental aspect of maintaining sound stroke technique.  These basics of swimming make for a smooth transition into a swim team program.