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Swim Team is a year round program.  You are welcome to join at any time.  Please call to register for the year round swim team even if you are only joining seasonally.

  • Splash Jax Swim Team is designed to teach great stroke technique throughout the year.  We encourage you to look at swimming as an important, life long skill that your child should practice consistently throughout the year.  We do allow you to choose to come and go as your schedule allows, just understand that the improvement is more dramatic if you have consistent commitment.
  • We will have a summer swim meet season and a fall swim meet season.  We will have 4 introductory level swimming competitions this fall.  These competitions will take 1:30 minutes and are designed for athletes that are developing into strong swimmers.
  • Billing is monthly on the first day of each month.
  • The ages listed below are a guide.  You may have an older child that should be in a younger group, or a younger child that should be in an older group.  Call us to discuss.  We will gladly help you choose the correct group.
  • This team will be structured to provide excellent instruction and to offer an introduction into competitive swimming.  The Red and Blue Groups are offering children an opportunity to take their swimming to a higher level.  Athletes in these groups will have the opportunity to compete in USA Swimming Swim Meets.  These meets offer a higher level of competition and do require a larger time commitment.
    • Green Group: Athletes aged 8 and under that can swim 25 feet of freestyle and backstroke.  Group will focus on improving freestyle and backstroke.  Group will learn starts and streamlines.  Group will predominantly swim widths in practice.  Practice will be 45 minutes.
    • Orange Group: Athletes aged 6 - 10 years that can swim 25 yards of freestyle and backstroke, and some fly or breast. Group will improve freestyle and backstroke, and teach breaststroke and butterfly properly.  Group will also learn starts and turns.  Group will swim an equal mix of widths and lengths.  Practice will be 60 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of dryland exercises.  If you sign up for just one day a week, even though we recommend a minimum of two, you can choose any one day from week to week.
    • Red Group: ​Swimmers are legal in all four strokes and are working on efficiency in each stroke.  Practices will be 75 minutes of swimming and 15 minutes of dryland exercises.  Goal setting and the joy of learning will be emphasized in the Red group.  Practices will challenge the athlete to improve their stroke technique, and their fitness.  The athletes in the Red Group will attend mainly USA Swimming Competitions.  Some athletes in this group may still be appropriate to attend our introductory level competitions. 
    • Blue Group:  The Blue group is for the athlete that is 11 and older and knows how to swim all four strokes.  This group will challenge the athlete to improve stroke technique and fitness.  Practices will generally be 90 minutes of swimming and 30 minutes of dryland exercises.  The Blue Group will emphasize goal setting, the joy of learning, and enjoying to strive with others.  Blue Group athletes will mainly attend USA Swimming competitions.  Some athletes in this group may still be appropriate for our introductory level competitions.
  • Athletes will be taught proper stroke technique for the 4 competitive strokes.
  • Athletes will be challenged and improve their physical conditioning. Participating on this team will make your child better at swimming and other sports too.
  • We will have competitions that will last less than 2 hours.  You are invited to attend the meets, but not required.  There will not be practice on the days we have swim meets.
  • If you are enrolled in a Stroke School class, you can participate in meets.  
  • Blue group athles are invited to attend as many practices each week as are offered for your group.

In order to register for this team, please call 904-608-4775

​Registration cannot be found online


Swim Team Preparation

  • This program will be structured to provide excellent instruction for those athletes that want to prepare for a summer swim team  - The Splash Jax team or any other swim team,  First Coast Kids Triathlon - we will get you ready!
  • This program is designed for kids ages 4 and older that are comfortable swimming some freestyle and backstroke.
  • This program will focus on getting the athletes into good swimming shape and teaching excellent Freestyle and Backstroke
  • On the first day of class, we will group the athletes by ability.  The first level group will be the younger kids that swimming one length of the pool seems like a long way.  This group will swim for 45 minutes, and the athletes will be 4 - 7 years old.
  • The second level will be kids that are comfortable and confident in swimming the length of the pool freestyle and backstroke.  This group will swim for 60 minutes, and the athletes will be 6 - 9 years old.
  • The third level will be kids that are strong swimmers and want to become stronger swimmers before they start with their summer swim team or do the triathlon.  This group will swim for 60 minutes, and the athletes will be 9 and older.
  • The cost of this program is a flat rate of $160 for 2 months.  The class is offered 4 days a week, each athlete may choose 2 days to participate.