Florida Swimming
We Swim For Others
We Swim for Other 2017
Time: 12:00 AM
1856 Davidson Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32207
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Help a child learn to swim in 2017. It's a great opportunity to help a child learn a life saving skill and gain confidence in their ability to accomplish challenging tasks.

What is this Fundraiser All About?
Swim Jax is reaching out to kids in need, and kids with developmental delays to provide free swim lessons. Swim Lessons cost $100 a month. Our goal is to fund a total of 20 athletes for an entire year.

Swim Jax Commitments:
1. 100% of funds will be used toward swimming lessons.
2. Provide excellent swim lessons.
3. Recognition of all that have donated.

Why Participate:
1. We have water all over the first coast area. A child that learns to swim will be safer.
2. A child that learns to swim will have a major accomplishment in their life.
3. A child that learns to swim will be more confident.
4. You will have had a positive impact on someone's life.
5. In 6 summers, we have provided over $75,000 of free swim lessons. Help us reach $100,000 this year.
Own a business? Advertise with Swim Jax. All advertising dollars go to the We Swim for Others campaign!

No donation is too small as every dollar goes to help a child. Thank you for your consideration and donation. Please share this opportunity with others.
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$250.00 Blakely Hammel
$150.00 Kelly Sullivan
$100.00 Sarah Beaubrun
$100.00 John Patterson
$100.00 Rachel Patterson
$100.00 Mary Patterson
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$12,505.00 Unassigned
$550.00 Blue Group
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