I think this was great experience and I will be back for more lessons. - Maria

I highly recommend this program to other parents. The half hour lessons with lower student to instructor ratio does a better job of taking into account short attention spans of younger kids. The advancement criteria are clear and I really like the student recognition in class as they are promoted. Excellent Program! - Paul

I have been so impressed with the motivation and encouragement that the instructors and site supervisor provide. It is taking my younger son much less time to advance to the next level than it took my older son who took lessons through a different program. (and at an affordable price) Thank You All so very much! - Sam

I honestly don’t know of anything that you could improve on.  The site supervisor is very easy to talk with.  My children have learned far more than I expected and in general the school is wonderful. However…the classes are expensive so I do expect a lot. - Yolanda
Thank you for the flexible schedule – each level offered at every interval through the day.  Great encouragement for the kids since they are able to progress to new levels at their own speed, upbeat teachers and site supervisor. We had a great experience. - Wendi

I like the way kids can move up a level when they have mastered the skills. - Susan

I enjoy my children growing confident in swimming.  I also like that the levels are all at one time and very convenient. - Mary

I swam competively growing up and taught swim lessons as a high school student and I have been quite impressed with the quality of instructors.  Their time and involvement with the kids as well as the organization  and commitment shown from the staff and site supervisor! Outstanding!!! - Billie 
We greatly appreciate the flexibility of schedules. - Ali

Wonderful staff! Very positive, kept my boys motivated and interested in swimming. - Tori
I really enjoy the efficiency of this program- the instructors know exactly what to do and work well with the swimmers one-on-one to correct/help them. Great facility and staff is extremely kind helpful.  Thanks for a great experience we’ll be back! - Jennifer

I love how you are willing to work with our summer schedules. - Becky

The kids loved it so we signed up for the rest of the summer. - Lou & Lois

I was amazed how much was learned in such a short time.  You were great we will be back in the fall. - Jan

My kids loved everything about Swim America! THANK YOU SO MUCH! - Callie

I like how progress to the next level is recognized, and that students can move up immediately when the skills have been mastered. - Martha


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If you have any questions please email us at [email protected] or phone us at (763) 203-2773.

SwimAmerica programs are operated by certified swim coaches who have achieved a minimum of ASCA Level II Coaching Certification. 
SwimAmerica is the only swim program endorsed by the American Swimming Coaches Association, the most prestigious coaches association in the world.