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For children 4 months to 3 years, we offer Parent-Tot Lessons, which are run in a 90 degree River pool at our Marmion Location or a 90 degree Therapy Pool at our Melissa Lane Location. This is a great class environment for both the child and the parent to swim!

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Why do parents love our Parent-Tot Classes?

At Swim With Bill we know that the interactions you have with your children in the pool are crucial to their overall development both as children and young swimmers. This class is designed to teach parents the skills necessary to safely interact with and teach their children at the pool in a fun and productive way. This class was designed with two key focus elements in mind.

  • To instruct parents in the proper methodology to safely interact with their children in the water in a productive way.
  • To begin teaching toddlers the techniques necessary to learn to swim.

Experienced Instructors

  • The Parent Tot lessons are run by our most experienced and qualified instructors.
  • Our instructors follow curricula and teaching methodologies of the United States Swim School Association members.


  • The swimmers and their parent will play water games, sing songs, and learn water safety and water acclimation exercises.
  • Great time to bond with your child and other parents and tots.

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Excellent Child Development

  • We use floating mats to develop and strengthen coordination, balance, and motor skills.
  • Our instructors lead various group activities to enhance social, cognitive, and linguistic development.

Water Safety Skills

  • With the assistance of our instructors and the parents your child with be taught to safely self-submerge, kick to the surface, and float on their back.
  • Your child will be taught how to safely enter and exit the pool unassisted.
  • We will prepare the swimmer to join our group classes once they are ready to be swimming independently.

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