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At Swim With Bill, we offer a variety of programming for swimmers of all ages and abilities across Chicagoland.

For 25 years, Swim With Bill's professionally trained instructors have been teaching kids how to swim and be safe in the water. And our kids learn these skills quickly using our proven, simple to follow SwimAmerica program.

Our program is fun, goal oriented and reward driven.

Our swimmers are safer in the water giving our parents peace of mind.

Parent-Tot Lessons

For children 4 months to 3 years, we offer Parent-Tot Lessons, which are run in a 90 degree River pool at our Marmion Location or a 90 degree Therapy Pool at our Melissa Lane Location. This class is designed to teach parents the skills necessary to safely interact with and teach their children at the pool in a fun and productive way.

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Preschool Lessons

At all four of our locations, we offer our preschool lessons program to our younger swimmers who are comfortable being in the water without a parent. At Swim With Bill, our specialized preschool curriculum is designed to take young swimmers who are familiar with the water and teach them to be comfortable swimming and treading water unassisted.

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School-Age Lessons

We offer School-Age Lessons at all four of our locations across Chicagoland. Using the SwimAmerica curriculum, Swim With Bill teaches the most efficient swimming techniques in a simple, easy to follow format where each level builds on the skills learned in previous levels.

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Adult Lessons

Swim With Bill is a proven, highly successful way for adults to quickly learn to swim correctly and safely. We customize our Adult Learn to Swim programs for each swimmer. Whether you are excited about learning the basics or are overcoming a fear of the water, our expert adult instructors will design a program that helps you reach your goals.

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Private Lessons

At Swim With Bill, we offer private lessons for swimmers of all ages and abilities. The private swimming lessons are structured to develop swimming skills and teach you proper technique at an accelerated rate based on your abilities. With our private lessons we have found that swimmers advance their swimming skills at a much faster rate than the group lessons.

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Swim Clinics

At Swim With Bill, our expert coaches know that proper stroke technique is paramount to becoming a faster swimmer. Whether you are swimming distance freestyle or a 50-yard butterfly, our clinics will address key points and common flaws in everyone's stroke.

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