Good Afternoon Swim School Families!

We first wanted to thank you for your patience last week with a maintenance issue that we unfortunately could not control. That said, we are excited to announce our Fall Swim Lesson Schedule! This season we will be doing lessons only slightly different in that we are going to move to an 8 week schedule or a "Seasonal Schedule". This means instead of doing lessons month to month we will be doing them, essentially, 2 months (or 1 season) at a time. The following is how the lesson schedule will look on a whole:


  • September 5th - November 4th (no classes the week of October 17-21st due to Fall Break)
  • Registration Opens on Saturday August 13th @12pm

WINTER 1 LESSONS (7 Weeks): This will be subject to change due to Home High School Swim Meets

  • November 14th - December 30th
  • Registration Opens Saturday, October 15th @12pm

WINTER 2 LESSONS: This will be subject to change due to Home High School Swim Meets

  • January 9th - March 3rd
  • Registration Opens Saturday, December 10th @12pm


  • March 13th - May 12th (no lessons the week of April 1-8 due to Spring Break)
  • Registration Opens Saturday, February 11th @12pm

SUMMER LESSONS: This is subject to change slightly due to HSE Summer Gym

  • June 5th - July 28th 
  • Registration Opens Saturday, May 13th @12pm 

Anywhere where you see "subject to change" and due to a specified reason we will let you know far in advance so that you are aware of date changes. 


Lessons will occur on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. The times will be set up as the following

Levels 1-3: 4:30-5pm and 5p-5:30p

Levels 4-6: 5:30-6pm  

We have built these this way because, along with our new seasonal plan, we have also sat down and looked through our curriculum and decided to move lots of the skills around to better suit what we are trying to attain which is a Water Safe society here in the Hamilton County area! You will see these changes on your child's next report card as well as on our website but we have rebuilt the levels so that your children progress through the first three levels learning everything they need to to be strictly safe around the water. Then our upper levels are for kids who want to learn the recreational sport of swimming or have aspirations of being on the Southeastern Swim Club competitive team! If you have any questions on this please don't hesitate to ask!

The Fall Session of lessons will open for registration on Saturday, August 13th at 12pm. I want to remind you how quickly these lessons fill up and we will only have 50 available spots open for now so please be sure to be ready at your computer that day to get your spot! If we decide to open more spots (predicated solely on number of staff we have) we will let families know ASAP. As always there will be a waitlist too. If you have any questions please let us know! 

In the mean time have a great August and great first week of school! Please stop by SSC's 2nd Annual Block Party also on Saturday, August 13th from 6-8pm! We will be having food trucks, games, a DJ, swim evaluations and a silent auction going on! Plus there is a Dunk Tank - come prepared to try to Dunk Mr. Blake and other Swim School Staff!


As always Stay Safe~Swim Safe!

Southeastern Swim School Staff

Southeastern Swim School

Southeastern Swim School is a learn-to-swim lesson program with an illustrious career of creating water safe kids around the Fishers area for over the last 25 years. We strive to ensure all children that come through our program are safe around the water... not only around the pool but around any body of water (such as Geist). With this sort of high-quality programming, we offer

Small Class Ratios

Experienced Instructors

Proven Track Record

Competitive Pricing

Year-Round Lessons

Our lesson program is for children ages 3+ (that are potty trained) and follows the ASCA Swim America curriculum. The ASCA curriculum offers 10 different levels of swim skills all focusing on a wide range of skills and abilities. This format allows families with children at different ability levels to participate in classes at the same time. Once skills are mastered, children move onto the next level... this can happen even within a session!

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