Welcome to
Southeastern Swim School!

Please ensure you read and follow the following rules for our swim school. If you have any questions regarding these or need accommodations, please contact us at [email protected].

Parking & Location

We are located at Hamilton Southeastern High School and utilize their natatorium facilities for our swim lesson program.

All swim lesson participants should park in the Athletic Parking lot which is located behind the school, off of 126th Street by the Football Stadium.

No parking is allowed in the staff-only parking lot on the side of the building alongside 126th Street.

Arrival & Entering the Building

Please enter through Door 10, the main Athletic Entrance for HSE. Walk down the main athletic hallway, the high school's Hall of Fame hallway. Enter through the first set of open double doors on your right to walk into the natatorium. Go down the short hallway to the pool.

Please ensure you have your mask on when entering!


When you arrive, check-in with our On-Deck Manager who will tell you who your child will be learning to swim with during their lesson that day. Typically they will have the same instructor for each lesson unless their instructor has a substitute that day. Once you have checked in, sit in the blue bleachers to wait for and watch during your lesson.

Where to Go During Your Lesson

Parents, guardians, and babysitters must drop their swimmer off with their swim lesson instructor.

You will have a seat on the blue bleachers. Please stay behind the glass unless your child needs to go to the restroom, or either the On-Deck manager or their instructor waves for you to come down. This is for the benefit of your swimmer and other swimmers as well as the instructors. Staying in the stands makes it easier for instructors, managers, and swimmers to focus rather than distractions outside of the pool.

While on school property, we ask that your mask remains on the full length of the class.

Where to Exit

After swim lessons are over, your swimmer will get out and come up to the stands. They will dry off, put on clothes, shoes, and a jacket (if needed). Everyone will exit from Lane Line Cafe (extra room off of the pool across from where you entered). Once through both sets of double doors of the Lane Line Cafe, proceed to the right through the last two sets of double doors. Exit out to the sidewalk that leads to the parking lot.

Please continue to wear your mask until you have exited the building.

Swim Attire

All swimmers must come prepared in their swimsuits ready to swim. We do not have the time or ample facility space to change before or after lessons because we share the space with HSE athletics and the Southeastern Swim Club.

After swim lessons, swimmers need to have a towel to dry off in. No swimmers are allowed to change on deck. If you need a facility to change in please speak with the On-Deck Manager. 

Swim Item Checklist

  • Swimsuit (Mandatory)
  • Swim shirt (Suggested for those who get cold easily)
  • Goggles (Highly suggested)
  • Hair ties
  • Swim Cap (Optional)

Swim Diapers are not allowed! All children must be potty trained.

Additionally, no personal floatation devices (such as puddle jumpers or arm floaties) are allowed as our program aims to teach how to swim safely without any assistance. When needed, we will use our program's pool noodles to help children who are not yet able to swim on their own.


There is absolutely NO CHANGING on the pool deck or in the stands. If swimmers need to change into or out of their swimsuits or clothing, they must ask the On Deck Manager for directions to the nearest open restroom.


On your first day, each swimmer will be evaluated during their lesson. If their level needs to be adjusted up or down, their instructor will tell the On-Deck manager to adjust their registered level accordingly to ensure your child is learning appropriate material. 

A swimmer's level can also be adjusted mid-session, but this is only done on a case-by-case basis when necessary.

Lesson Make-Ups

We do not offer lesson make-ups for missed lessons.

Missed Lesson Policy

If you do not show up for your first swim lesson, we reserve the right to give your spot to someone on the waitlist.

If for some reason you need to miss the first lesson, it is your responsibility to let us know before the lesson that you will be missing. Please email us at [email protected] to let us know of your absence. Otherwise, your spot may be given to a swimmer on the waitlist.

Waitlist Policy

If you are on the waitlist, we will contact you when there is a spot available for your swimmer in the lesson program. If you do not want the spot, it will be given to the next person on the waitlist. Please be patient with us as we find available spots at the beginning of each lesson.

COVID-19 Policy

If must miss any lesson due to a COVID-19 diagnosis or close contact, please email us at [email protected] immediately. We will work with you and discuss options for managing your lesson enrollment.

End of Session Celebration

At the end of the lesson session, we will cut the lesson 5 minutes short so we can do our Lesson Procession. All swimmers will get out, grab their towels, and then they walk through the “Hall of Kickboards”! We want to take time to celebrate each swimmer's accomplishments so please feel free to cheer and applaud them as we do appreciate your support!

Report Cards

Southeastern Swim School utilizes an online solution for report cards. Report cards are posted at the conclusion of the last swim lesson session. You can view your report by going to https://swimgen.net/search/SoutheasternSwimSchool and searching for your swimmer. Participant numbers are formatted as the year of birth plus the first four letters of their last name. For example, using the name and date of birth below the participant number would be:

Name: Michael Phelps
Date of Birth: June 30, 1985
Participant Number: 1985PHEL

While at Southeastern Swim School, your swimmer's participant number will always be the same. Beginning in February 2022, all lesson reports for your swimmer will be generated under the same participant number, so you will be able to look back at your progress as you continue with our program!

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