How long do lessons last?

Lessons are 25 minutes long.


Where do I go while my child is in lessons?

It is KU's policy that parents remain off of the pool deck.  However, outside of the pool area there is a seating area.  The pool and seating area are separated by large glass windows,  which allows parents to observe the swimmers and for the children to have comfort being able to see parents.  If you have a child who is fearful of getting into the water or separating him or herself from parents, please speak with the director and accommodations will be made.

How do I pay for swim lessons?

We accept online payment, cash or checks made payable to Lawrence Swim School.  Mail your payments to:  


Lawrence Swim School                                                                                                                                

c/o Patrick Norman

510 N. 1700 Rd                                                                                                               

Lawrence, KS 66049


Where is the pool and where do I park?

Lessons are held at KU's Robinson Natatorium, which is at the corner of Naismith and Sunnyside Drive, just past KU's tennis courts.  One option for parking is in the parking garage next to Allen Fieldhouse, which is across the street from the pool.  Parking in the garage is $1 per hour.  In the parking lot south of the pool and the tennis courts there is a row of metered spots.  Lastly, there is free parking in the Oliver Hall lot.  To get to this lot, go North on Naismith from 19th.  Take your first left after 19th and then make a quick right turn into the lot.  It is a quick walk across the street to the pool.


My children are different ages and skill levels.  Do I need to bring them to different sessions?

Your children may participate in the same session and time slot.  We offer levels 1 through 6 at all lesson times.


My child completed a certain skill level last year, but has not been in the water since then.  Does he/she need to repeat the same skill level?

No, we recommend you place your child in the skill level in which he/she was recommended to proceed to next.  On the first day of lessons we will look at the composition of groups and if any swimmer needs to be moved to a different group that would be more appropriate for his/her needs, we can make those changes.  

Could a class be canceled?

The Lawrence Swim School reserves the right to cancel a class due to low enrollment numbers. 

What if there's a thunderstorm?

The Lawrence Swim School will do its best to reschedule classes due to inclement weather, however, there are no guarantees that a class will be rescheduled.  There are no refunds for cancellations.    


What if I need to cancel?

For a full refund, cancelation requests must be received at least 72 hours prior to the first day of lessons. 


What if I need to change my class time?

Transfers to different sessions and/or times are allowed as long as there is adequate space in the session/time that one wishes to transfer to.  There is no additional charge for transfers.