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The following forms, documents and links are an important part of Cedar Swim Club's structure, and are in compliance with the guidlines established with USA Swimming.  Please read them carefully.  A electronic signature was signed by the parent upon registration.  CSC may have require a hard copy signature during any travel meets, without a parent present.  The policies established are an important part of Athlete Protection (USA Swimming).

Required Release and Liability Forms

Cedar Swim Club Information

  • Anti-Bullying Policy  (Signed upon registration)
  • CSC Handbook - 
    • Page 1

      Mission Statement

      Team Philosophy

      Cedar Swim Club

      Swimmer Code of Ethics

      Page 2

      Facility Rules

      The Swimming Structure

      Page 3




      Page 4

      Membership Requirements

      USA Swimming Registration & Agreements

      Page 5

      CSC Training Groups

      Page 7 

      Fees Structure / Policies

      Page 8

      Membership Dues / Agreement / Fees

      Page 11

      Swim Meets

      Page 12

      Expectations of Cedar Swim Club Parents

      Page 14


      Page 15

      Important Contact Information

  • Electronic Communication Policy (Signed upon registration)
  • Glossary of Swimming Terms
  • Make a payment, is now set up through this website.  Please go to your My Account and make the payment.
  • Sr. National Group - Coach/Athlete Contract
  • Swim Meets 101
  • Travel Policy

USA Swimming Information

Facility Policies

Important Links

Time Standards