The following forms, documents and links are an important part of Cedar Swim Club's structure, and are in compliance with the guidlines established with USA Swimming.  Please read them carefully.  A electronic signature was signed by the parent upon registration.  CSC may have require a hard copy signature during any travel meets, without a parent present.  The policies established are an important part of Athlete Protection (USA Swimming).

Safe Sport Coordinator Contact Information:

Jill Davenport [email protected]

CSC Club Links

Required Release and Liability Forms

USA Swimming Information

Facility Policies

What can I do to help keep athletes safer?

  • Be aware of what's going on around you. Look for ways to PREVENT problems. RESPOND to issues when they arise and REPORT concerns.
  • Known and used policies help us know what's okay and what's not. They help PREVENT problems. They also help us know when to RESPOND and what to REPORT. Do you know and follow your team athlete protection policies?
  • Take the Kidpower Put Safety First Commitment: "I WILL put the safety and well-being of young people ahead of anyone's embarrassment, inconvenience, or offense."1
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