There will be no diving classes until the spring. Stay tuned for more information. 

Questions about diving? Contact Coach Stephenie at [email protected]chools.or


Non Competitive Group "Learn to Dive" 

Minnetonka Blues -Non competitive (ages 6 & up) - “Learn to Dive”

If diving is a new sport for you or you have some experience but have not mastered basic dives in each direction, this is the right group for you.

  • You will be taught the basic movements and fundamentals for take offs and entries
  • Learn basic dives in all directions from the side of the pool as well as on the 1 meter springboard.
  • All athletes should remember that a willingness to try and be coachable is the only requirement to be a part of this fun group.


Minnetonka Dive Club (MDC) Competitive Groups

If you have participated in a “Learn to Dive” class or have competed in a high school program, Minnetonka Dive Club Competitive Groups is right for you.  Being that each diver will come in with a unique skill set, please look at the basic descriptors below to place your athlete correctly.


Anchors - 13 and under - Competitive group

  • improve fundamental take off and entry skills
  • learn 3-4 different dives to meet competition requirements
  • Continue to progress to dives in each category
  • prepare for local and regional competitions.


Skippers - 14 and older - Competitive Group

  • improve fundamental skills and dives in each direction.
  • progress to more complex dives in each category
  • prepare for local and regional competitions
  • Introduce athletes to high school dive requirements


High School Group/Varsity group

  • focus on the 1-meter springboard and preparation for competition.
  • divers will look to improve on height, distance, and degree of difficulty within their dive list(s).
  • Welcome to collegiate divers interested in being trained over the summer.


USA Diving Registration
Competitive Groups Only

Minnetonka Dive Club is affiliated with USA Diving and is looking forward to hosting meets and invitationals or competing in local/regional meets. This means that all divers must register with USA diving.  While participation in competition is not a requirement for divers, they will still need to register with USA Diving.

Follow the steps below to register with USA Diving to become a member of the Minnetonka Dive Club and to compete in each of the different dive meets that we will be competing in throughout the year:

  • Register for a USA Diving Membership – ThCompetitive Limited ($12 + $2.95 online processing fee).  This membership is valid through August 31st of the current year.  Make sure to select Minnetonka Dive Club as your Club Affiliation.
  • *Please note that you may have to upgrade your USA Diving Membership if you choose to participate in USA Diving meets.  Coaches will provide instructions at that time.

If you choose to have your diver participate in local and regional competitions the Competitive Blue and Competitive Gold memberships are the best choices. You are always able to upgrade your membership at anytime. Click the link below to register!


Competitive Groups Only

Intrasquad & Invitational Meets

While these invitational meets are not required for all divers, they are strongly encouraged. For those athletes wishing to participate in the USA Diving competition series, there will be an opportunity to prepare for upcoming competitions, as well as time to practice their dive lists.  Please see the link below for more information on each category of diving, competing, scoring and other rules and regulations check out the link for Team USA Diving 101!

 USA Diving Competitions

There are many opportunities to compete in meets around the Midwest. Minnetonka Dive Club does plan to attend these competitions with any divers who qualify and are interested. Information about these meets will be sent out in advance before deadlines for registration occur.  As we progress as a club and as individual divers, there may be additional competitions such as a winter National Championship, Synchro National Championship and more that are available. For more information about these competitions, you can visit the USA Diving website or contact us directly with questions. More information about qualifications, specific events offered at competitions, costs, etc. will also be sent as we get closer to these events.

Diving Competition Schedule:

Saturday, October 27th
Hidden Oaks Middle School in Prior Lake, MN


Competitive Groups Only
To help cover the costs that are not included in the registration fee, divers that are competing in events throughout the year are required to participate in at least one fundraising event during the season.  This will be explained during the parent/guardian information meeting and questions should be directed to Coach Stephenie.


Questions about diving? Contact Coach Stephenie at [email protected]