Summer Maintenance for High School and College Swimmers

Minnetonka Aquatics invites high school and collegiate swimmers to be a part of our Competitive Summer Maintenance program. 


The maintenance program is designed for the competitive swimmer/multi-sport athlete who is looking to:

-maintain fitness levels and a feel for the water
-continue to improve and sharpen technique
-participate in a flexible summer training schedule. There is no minimum weekly practice commitment.

Competitive Summer Maintenance is the swimming solution for the busy summer athlete. It provides the flexibility and a no stress answer to the questions how do I fit everything in?

The focus of summer maintenance will be on aerobic endurance, kicking and power development. A Minnetonka Aquatics Coach will always be on deck to give advice and to provide corrective stroke feedback.

Please note: participation in Competitive Summer Maintenance does NOT guarantee a spot in the 2016 Minnetonka Swim Club Short Course Season or on any high school team.