Questions about diving? Contact Coach Stephenie at stephenie.v[email protected]

Diving Classes at Minnetonka

Beginner Group Description: This class is for divers that are brand new to the sport with little or no experience. We will work on fundamentals and jumping off the boards forward, with and without an approach, and backwards. We will also work to learn front head first entry skills and backwards entry skills as we see fit. These classes are 2x a week and 45minutes long. Coaches will recommend beginner divers to move to the intermediate group.  Starting age for this group is 7yrs. 
Intermediate Group Description: This class is for those who have been a part of our program or a diving program and HAVE experience diving but not enough to join our club group. This class is for divers who know how to perform a full approach hurdle, front dive, front flip, back fall in and back dive. These classes are 2x a week and 60 minutes long. If you are curious if your diver should be in this group, please contact Coach Stephenie before signing up for this program. EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS GROUP!
High School/Advanced Group: This class is for divers that have competed at a High School level OR have 4 of the 5 categories in diving. Advanced skills are required to be in this group. These classes are anywhere from 2-4x a week for 90 minutes. If your diver has strong gymnastics experience, please contact coach Stephenie for further assistance.  If you have any questions about this group, please reach out to coach Stephenie.


Open to all other supporters of our program. 

Our fundraising opportunities will help provide funds necessary to add equipment that is used in all our programs. Coaches will pass along fundraising opportunities to families and the community as they come along.



Yes! Information will come from the coaches when there is an opportunity to compete and what the requirements will be.

Questions about diving? Contact Coach Stephenie  at   stephenie.v [email protected]