Adult Swim Lessons
Ages 18 & up


Minnetonka Aquatics’ adult swimming classes are offered to participants 18 and up with various swimming backgrounds. 

Adult Intro to Swimming
This class is designed to introduce participants to swimming. Swimmers will be introduced to the foundations of swimming and feeling comfortable in the water. Body position (front & back floating), streamline (controlled glide) and full freestyle and backstroke strokes will be covered. Student to instructor ratio for this class is 1:4.


Adult Intro to Fitness Swimming

This class is designed for swimmers who are already able to swim a 25 yard freestyle and a 25 yard backstroke without stopping. In the class swimmers will perfect their freestyle and backstroke as well as learn to basics of breaststroke and butterfly. They will also learn the basics of swimming for fitness including how to do flip turns, how to use a pace clock and how to create sets. Student to instructor ratio for this class is 1:6. 

Private and Semi-private Adult Learn-to-Swim Lessons
Minnetonka Learn-to-Swim offers 30-minute private and semi-private lessons for adults throughout the year. Whether working on basic skills or training for a triathlon, our instructors customize lessons to meet participant’s needs. Contact Aimee Sinkler at [email protected] or 952-401-5291 for more info.