How to Join

Who are we?
We are ages 5-18.
We are a multicultural group representing over 15 different nationalities.
We are beginning swimmers to USA-Swimming National level athletes.
We are multi-sport/activity athletes.
We are dedicated coaches and parents working together to help our swimmers achieve success in the pool and classroom.
Senior swimmers have an accumulated GPA of 3.8; SAT scores of 1800-2200 and most are enrolled in AP courses along with other activities at school.
We have the longest tenured coaching staff in the greater High Point area.

 Would you drive an extra 15 minutes to:
Take your child to the best school where the teachers are caring, nurturing, and passionate about their work?
Eat at a better restaurant with an experienced chef and staff?
Receive professional, courteous attention from the best doctors who have specialized
education and experience to treat your child?

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