Scheduling Policies

I understand that scheduling my child(ren)’s lesson and my child(ren)’s attendance is  my responsibility.  

Make Up Lesson Policies

Absent Swimmers who provided a Call-Out Notice to TideWater Swim School are eligible for a make-up lesson.  

Make-up lessons should not be used regulalry. You are expected to attend your child's regularly scheduled lesson – any extenuating circumstances will be handled on a case by case basis. 

While we understand that emergencies happen, all call outs must be made at least 24hrs in advance, any call outs made inside the 24hr window will be made on a case by case basis for eligibility for a make up. 

A Make-up must be used ithin 60 days from the date of absence.

All Make-Up Lessons are filled on a first-come first-serve basis through gomotion.

Make-Up Lessons are not guaranteed to be with your regular class instructor.

In the rare event a class is canceled by TideWater Swim School for instructor absence, GPAE may, at its discretion, schedule a Make-Up Lesson at a future date to be determined by TideWater Swim School or issue a prorated refund/credit.

Emergency closings may not result in a Make-Up Lessons.


Callout Policy

Call-Out Notice of Absence:

All Call-out notices must be directed to HERE 

Failure to provide an emailed Call-Out Notice will result in the loss of the Make-Up Lesson.  

While we appreciate verbal notices to instructors, telephones calls, text messages, social media posts, Facebook messages or emails to any other address, we cannot accept them as a call out notice.

Once a Call-Out Notice is provided, your child’s spot for that class is forfeited.  It will be offered to another student via Sign-Up Genius.

No credit or refund will be issued for a Swimmer’s absence.  


Lateness Policy 

If a student does not show up to a scheduled lesson without prior required notification, the lesson will be forfeited.

Instructors will only wait 10 minutes for late arrivals. After 10 minutes, the lesson will be determined a “no show” and will be forfeited.


Cancellation Policy (pool closures) 

TideWater Swim School makes every effort to give all lessons as scheduled. If for any reason Riverwinds Community Center, YMCA of Gloucester County or GCIT closes their facility we are unable to provide a Make-Up lesson, refund or credit.  Closure examples include, but are not limited to, inclement weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, severe weather), emergency closing due to thunderstorms, power failure, health/safety risks, emergency repair or any situation for which Riverwinds Community Center, YMCA of Gloucester County or GCIT deems it necessary for their facility to be closed.

Aquatic Facilities are required by law to close their aquatics facility during thunderstorms.  The facility is required to wait 30 minutes after any strike within its designated mile radius before allowing swimmers back into the pool area.  We will make every effort to get your child back in the pool as soon as it is officially deemed safe to do so.

For real time information updates on lessons please join our remind. 



Instructor Policy 

While TideWater Swim School makes every effort to give swimmers the instructor chosen at registration, this is not always possible. Therefore, swimmers are guaranteed a trained/certified, competent instructor—not a specific instructor. Additionally, TideWater Swim School reserves the right to switch instructors without advance notice if necessary.

In the event that an instructor is absent, TideWater Swim School makes every effort to get an equally-qualified substitute. If TideWater Swim School is unable to secure a sub, then TideWater Swim School will make up the instructor’s missed Lessons at a later date.