Financial Policies

General Information 

I understand there is a 6% credit card processing / transactional fee that is non-refundable.

No cash, check or cashapp can be accepted as initial payment. TeamUnify accepts: Visa, Mastercard or Discover. Once enrolled monthly tuition can be made on deck.

Team Unify will not process a debit card transaction only if sufficent funds are available (x2 the transaction). 

The transaction will be listed under "Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Enterprises (GPAE)"

Billing Policy

All fees for Swim Lessons must be paid in full prior to the start of the first lessons of the session. Dues are to be paid in full for the full session, we do not prorate Swim Lessons. Once the session begins refunds cannot be provided for any reason unless we have to cancel a lesson and do not schedule a make-up. We will do our best to make-up any lesson which we have to cancel for any reason (pool availability, instructor availabity, etc.) There are no refunds for any lesson(s) which you miss that were schheduled and held.

I understand that I am responsible for making at least the first Session payment prior to my child taking Lessons. And if I do not pay any installments on time (due to a declined credit/bank card, etc.), a $5-per-month late fee may be applied on the 15th of the month. Additionally, I understand that the processing fees collected (and 100% retained) by teamunify.com are nonrefundable

Any accounts with an outstanding balance will not be allowed to register for upcoming lessons.  

Withdrawal Policy

All withdrawals are final once the transaction is complete. If you change your mind, you must re-enroll, but understand that space may no longer be available in that class.

If I choose to quit at any point prior to the end of the Session, then I will not receive a refund or credit of any kind for the remaining Lessons in that Session and my spot will be released.

Lesson Cancellation Policy

TideWater Swim School makes every effort to give all lessons as scheduled. If for any reason Riverwinds Community Center, YMCA of Gloucester County or GCIT closes their facility we may be unable to provide a Make-Up lesson, refund or credit.  Closure examples include, but are not limited to, inclement weather (hurricanes, tornadoes, severe weather), emergency closing due to thunderstorms, power failure, health/safety risks, emergency repair or any situation for which Riverwinds Community Center, YMCA of Gloucester County or GCIT deems it necessary for their facility to be closed.