Facilitiy Use


I understand access to Riverwinds Community Center and the Gloucester County YMCA is a privilege and neither allows non-members to utilize their facilities. We have extended our leveled group lessons to allow chaperoned play time in the water. At the conclusion of your lesson time, all non members must depart the facility. Failure to respect facility rules may result in explosion from the program. 

Unstructrured playtime will be 5-15 minutes based on the instructors discretion and is not guarenteed after every lesson. IE Inappropriate behavior during instructional time may result in loss of playtime. 
Private lessons are not guaranteed playtime unless it overlaps with a chaperoned group. Parent and Me classes do not have play time alloted. 


I understand TideWater Swim School operates normal business hours and does everything in their power to maintain timely communication with our clients. I understand any communication that is deemed as harassment may result in expulsion from the program. In this event no refund will be issued.

I will communicate via appropriate methods, in person  . I acknowledge that social media is not an effective form of communication. 

All in person communication between an instructor and swimmer will be observable and interruptible per Safe Sport standards. As the guardian of my child I will ensure that I am present on the pool deck during instructional time. However, I will only interrupt instruction if I believe my child or others to be in danger.


Photography and Videography Policies

No recording of any type will be allowed during lessons, except during designated times and areas. This will be strictly enforced. I will not take recording of lessons except during those times and will ensure that my child is the only subject matter. I understand failure to adhere to this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the program.

Social Media

I respect that not everyone wants photos of their children online and will not take or post pictures or videos to any social media without the consent and permission of all subjects including the instructors. I understand failure to adhere to this policy will result in disciplinary action up to and including expulsion from the program.

Promotional Materials

I understand that photos and video are occasionally taken at TideWater Swim School/GPAE for promotional and marketing purposes. I agree that any photo or video taken by Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Enterprises of my child(ren) may be used in Greater Philadelphia Aquatic Enterprises promotional and marketing materials, as well as on their website. I understand that no photography or videography will be recorded without my express knowledge and consent.