Skill Levels:

The following descriptions determine the initial placement of your child.  Once your child masters the advancement goals in each level, he/she will move to the next level. Children advance at their own pace, depending on his/her physical skill and maturity. When selecting a level for your swimmer, please ensure he/she has mastered all of the goals outlined in previous levels.

  1. If your child is learning to go underwater, select Level 1
  2. If your child can float face down, select Level 2
  3. If your child can glide on his/her stomach and back, select Level 3
  4. If your child can swim freestyle for 15 feet, select Level 4
  5. If your child can swim freestyle and backstroke, select Levels 5
  6. If your child can breath to the side, select Level 6
  7. If your child can swim a 25 of freestyle and back stroke, select Level 7
  8. If your child can swim a 25 of fly, select Level 8

On the first day of class, your child will be evaluated to ensure he/she is at the appropriate level. There may be some movement of instructors and students in order to maximize lesson effectiveness

Questions: Please email Coach Evanne Nasypany: [email protected]