Dayton Raider Swim Academy Stations 

SwimAmerica Dayton is a goal driven, technique oriented swim lesson program that teaches basic swimming and water safety skills in 10 levels or stations.  Stations 1-6 have specific skills to be learned and mastered and specific goals to be attained to progress to the next level.  After completing the first six stations, swimmers continue on to the Raider Ready stroke school where they will complete the last four stations, learning the basics of  breaststroke and butterfly, and begin to build endurance in the water. 

When our swimmers complete the SwimAmerica program, they are knowledgeable about water safety and confident in their swimming abilities.

Level 1:

This class, for the new or anxious/tentative swimmer, is taught in shallow water with lots of smiles and laughter. 

Advancement goal:  

10 bobs with air exchange (going underwater & blowing out air)

Level 2:

This class will continue to build each swimmer’s comfort level and confidence in the water. The focus in class will be to develop floating and gliding skills. Coaches will assist swimmers as they begin to develop a sense of balance and body control in the water.  There will be lots of smiles and positive encouragement for each swimmer.

Advancement goals: 

Front glide (float) 5 seconds and stand 

Back glide (float) 5 seconds and stand

Level 3:

This class will continue to build each swimmers comfort level an confidence in the water. The focus in the class is to begin developing skills for swimmers to propel themselves through the water using their legs. Coaches will assist swimmers as they begin to develop kicking skills.  There will be lots of smiles and positive encouragement for each swimmer.

Advancement goals: 

Front kick - 15 feet     

          Back kick - 15 feet

Level 4:

Swimmers in level 4 are now comfortable in the water and will build on their new gliding and kicking skills to begin building their freestyle "front crawl" stroke.  Coaches will encourage swimmers with lots of positive words and smiles to keep them going.

Advancement goals: 

Side-glide-kick - 20 feet    

Freestyle “crawl stroke” – 20 feet (no breathing)

Level 5:

Swimmers in level 5 will be greeted with a smile at the beginning of every class.  They will focus on learning to swim with rhythmic breathing cycles while using the freestyle arm strokes.

Advancement goals: 

Freestyle “crawl” with breathing 30 feet with side breathing

Level 6:

Swimmers in level 6 will work to be able to swim 25 yards of freestyle with side breathing, swim 30 feet of backstroke and tread water for 1 minute.  Swimmers will also learn how to safely dive head first into the water.

Advancement goals:     

Swim Freestyle 75 feet (25 yards) with side breathing

Swim Backstroke 30 feet

Tread water - 1 minute


Raider Ready Stroke School:

Levels 7-10:

Swimmers in levels 7-10 learn and refine the breaststroke kick and arm strokes, the butterfly arms and kick, as well as turns.  Additionally, swimmers will apply their new freestyle and backstroke skills to building endurance and strength in the water by working to complete multiple lengths of the pool without too much rest.  

Upon graduation from the Raider Ready stroke school, swimmers will be able to:            

            -Swim 300 yards with bilateral breathing (breathing on both sides)

            -Swim 100 yards backstroke

            -Swim 100 yard Individual Medley (1 length each stroke).

Raider Prep:

If your child loves the water and is interested in competitive swimming, Swimmers that complete our Stroke School have the skills they need to jump right in the water with our Raider Prep Group. This group is hybrid group between swim lessons and swim Team. This group does have the option to do USA meets.

After completion of Raider Prep our young participants will be ready to join the Dayton Raiders Swim Club.