2020 Session 1- January

Dayton Raiders Swim Academy: Registration for new participants will be open Friday 20th at 7:00 pm. All current members will be able to register on Wednesday Dec 18th at 7:00 pm.

Classes on Saturday January  18th will be delayed at start at 1:15.

Dayton’s Winter programming is offering a opportunity for your children to learn to swim from amazing instructors in an environment home to specialization and low swimmer to instructor ratio. This session will continue to offer a 1 day a week option along with a two day a week options.  

Prices for Session 1:

Group Lessons  We offer Lessons Monday- Saturday

1 day a week group lessons  $55 ( 4 lessons)

1 day a week for Parent Child $24.00 (4 lessons) 

1 day a week Toddler, and Adaptive $63.00 ( 4 lessons)


You may choose either Monday and Wednesday option or Tuesday and Thursday option for our two day a week options or You may also pick multiple one day a week options.  If you do pick the multiple day options you will get a multiple class discount as well.






    Private lessons                    



  Levels 1, 2,3, 4


   Toddler/ Adaptive/ Private Lessons



 Levels  Adaptive,5, & 6


  Levels 3,4,5,6



 Stroke School


 Levels 1, 2, 3, 



 Levels 1,2,& 3


 Levels 3,4,5,6 



  Levels 4, 5, & 6


Levels 2, 3, 4 



  Toddler, Adaptive





   Private lessons

            Tuesday and Thursday                                                   Sunday



  Levels Toddler 1, 2,3,


        No classes on Sunday for the Month of January  



  Toddler, Adaptive, Private lessons





  Levels 3,4, 5& 6




5:05- 5:35

5:45- 6:15

 levels 1,2, & 3

Levels 3,4, 5, & 6






Stroke School Levels 7,8,9,

After the completion of Level 6,  your swimmer qualifies for Stroke School. This group is an introduction to swim team. Raider Prep will have many options,1 day a week, 2 days a week and 3 days a week. All practices will be in the diving well for 45 Minutes.

Monday, Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday 5:00- 5:45  Saturday 

Focus for this group is to add Butterfly and Breaststroke technique into their training, while offering other skill that are necessary to move to the Raiders Swim Team. 

Stroke School 1 day a week - $52 for (4 lessons)

Stroke School 2 days a week - $100 for ( 8 lessons)

Stroke School 3 days a week -$132 for (12 lessons)

Swim Team Prep ( Level 10):

This is the last step before joining the Raider Swim Team. This Group is designed to take what you learned in stroke school and add conditioning and endurance while maintaining proper stroke technique. Each Practice is 1 hour long and will include 5 minutes of Dryland. Each swimmer must have a pair of swim fins. ( not snorkeling or diving fins)

Raider Prep 1 day a week- $52 ( 4 practices)

Raider Prep 2 days a week- $100 ( 8 practices)

Reduce Fees:

We do offer reduced rates for any families that need financial help.  Please email me for more information. 

Private Lessons:  

Private lessons are at 1:1 ratio. The cost is $35 for a 30 minute lesson.  Private lessons are Offered everyday of the week.

Don’t see a level listed when you can attend?Call at (937) 660-5287 or  Email [email protected] and we’ll see what we can accommodate!