Swimming Lessons Washington


Occoquan Swim Academy

2017-2018 Aquatic Programs

Starting September 5, 2017


Welcome to the new Occoquan Swim Academy at Central Park Aquatics.  This fall we have a menu of options that will provide your entire family with opportunities for swimming.  From our Water Babies program to the Occoquan Swim Team we are set up to be your one stop shop for water activities this school year. 

Please visit our website www.SwimOCCS.org for dates, times and costs for programing. 


WATER BABIES/Toddlers Program (parent-tot)

Infants and toddlers accompanied by a parent (or responsible guardian) learn to be comfortable and confident in the water.  Developing foundational skills and swim readiness at this age provides an easy transition to group lessons.  Fun and enjoyment of the water is emphasized with the kids while a focus on educational materials for parents to learn water safety for their kids as well as drowning prevention and the importance of supervision in and around water. 



              1-Ages 3-5

              2-Ages 6 – 9

              3-Ages 10 & up

Note: New students may need a Swimways Power Swimr™ available on site.

Swim Foundations participants will learn to "swim like a fish" thru a child-centered, activity-oriented approach--coupled with unique skill progressions for the following:
First-time Submersion
Breath Control
Front Kick
Back Kick
In-line Kick
Freestyle with "pop-up” breath


Swim STROKES Program

              1-Ages 3-5

              2-Ages 6-9

              3-Ages 10 & up

Prerequisite: Completion of Swim Foundations Skills or swim 25 feet without the aid of a flotation device, face in the water.
In the Swim Strokes program, your child will learn how to swim the formal strokes of freestyle with side breathing and backstroke. The Freestyle Side Breathing skill may be the most important skill one learns in the learn-to-swim process. Swim Strokes program is drill-oriented with unique skill progressions for the following:
Kicking with the Kickboard
Back Kicking
Streamline Kicking


ADVANCED Swim Strokes Program

1-Ages 3-5

              2-Ages 6-9

              3-Ages 10 & up

Prerequisite: Completion of Swim Strokes Program or swim Freestyle with side breathing for 25 yards.

In the Advanced Swim Strokes program, your child will learn the advanced skills of Breaststroke and Butterfly, as well as refine and further develop the Freestyle and Backstroke. All Advanced Swim Strokes classes are drill and technique-oriented.  In this course, your child will practice the following skills:
Freestyle & Backstroke 
Breaststroke Kick 
Breaststroke Arm Stroke
Breaststroke (Kick & Stroke Timing)
Body Dolphin/ Butterfly Kick
Butterfly Arm Stroke
Butterfly (Kick & Stroke Timing)


Prerequisite: Swim 25 yards freestyle with side breathing and/or 25 yards backstroke; demonstrate knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly.

NOTE: If no knowledge of breaststroke and butterfly, a minimum of one month of Advanced Swim Strokes 300 is required.

Recommended equipment: Competitive style swim suit, cap, goggles, and fins.


Intro to OCCS is our entry level TEAM group, introducing young athletes to the world of competitive swimming! Through the application of drills/skills/repeating of sound, basic swimming fundamentals and race strategies, our Intro to Nitro kiddos are taught an appreciation of the sport from an early age! Practices last 45 minutes, and options of once and twice a week are offered.  Internal swim meets are offered approximately every 6 weeks. Ideal ages are 5 years old up to 10 years old.

Annual Registration Fee: $50/ swimmer

Monthly Tuition

1x per week - $60

2x per week - $80

3-4x per week - $100


HOME SCHOOL Fitness & Physical Education

·        Structured with homeschool students and parents in mind

·        Three different levels for ages 4-18 taught simultaneously in the same pool

·        Convenient for families of multiple swimmers!

Excellent Program For Swimmers Who Want To:

·        Exercise for recreational swimming and advance their technique.

·        Develop skills needed to earn Boy Scouts Swimmer Merit Badge

·        Develop skills needed for Girl Scouts programs, such as ShapeUP!

·        Improve Strength/Agility in a non-impact/aerobic conditioning program.

·        Learn fundamental racing technique for competitive swimming or triathlons

Home School Annual Registration Fee

$50/ year

OCCS Add on (if you wanted to swim with OCCS for swim meets)

Includes entry fees for October, November, January & February meets that OCCS hosts

$250/ year

Monthly Tuition

2x per week: $70/month

3-4x per week: $90/month


For children ready to learn water acclimation skills and beginning strokes

·        Lower levels focus on Freestyle & Backstroke

·        Upper levels focus on all 4 strokes

·        No previous swimming experience necessary

·        Classes meet 2-4 days per week for 30 minutes

·        Monday – Thursday 8am & 1pm

Home School, ADVANCED

For Swimmers Who Can:

·        Swim 25 yards freestyle with bilateral breathing and body rotation

·        Swim 25 yards backstroke with body rotation

·        Swim 25 yards breaststroke with legal kick

·        Complete 25 yards of dolphin roll (butterfly kick, body motion)

·        Classes meet 2-4 days per week for 45 minutes

·        Monday – Thursday 8am & 1pm


For Swimmers Who Can:

·        Swim 100 yards freestyle and backstroke

·        Swim 50 yards breaststroke

·        Swim 25 yards butterfly

·        Swim 100 IM

·        Diving from the blocks

·        Classes meet 2-4 days per week for 1 hour

·        Monday – Thursday 8am & 1pm



This program is specifically designed for the high school aged swimmer (or incoming high school student) who wishes to work on stroke mechanics and strengthen their conditioning prior to the high school swimming season. 

Practices are 75 minutes long 2-4 days per week

September 5 – November 3

              Monday – Thursday 7:00-8:15pm



Competent swimmers looking to “game up” their swimming will find the Occoquan Polo Club a fun and rewarding training can competitive opportunity.

* Individual Skill Development
* Game Fundamentals
* Improve sportsmanship and life skills through team play
* Comprehensive training for all abilities
* Teach current National Team Skill Systems
* College Prep System - Water Polo after High School  
* Emphasis on Technical and Tactical Play

September 5-November 3

Monday & Wednesday 8:00-9:00pm

Tuesday & Thursday 8:15-9:15pm



The mission of OCCS is to develop the character traits, technical skills, work ethic, and intense desire necessary for maximal realization of each individual’s potential, both as a person and as a competitive swimmer.


OCCS achieves excellence through individualized growth and team unity by providing quality leadership and instruction. We maintain a safe team environment where every swimmer is encouraged to build friendships, hard work, and have fun in the process of their development. We provide the motivation and discipline necessary to develop skills and self-esteem, resulting in a winning experience.  Competitions locally, regionally and Nationally provide the opportunity to build on a career as a swimmer in USA Swimming.  Beginner levels to Elite swimmers offered.




Swimmers 18 & over looking for a group of hard working adults to hang out, work out and even compete will benefit from joining the Masters Swimming program.  Practices are offered in the morning under coach guidance but also there are posted practices (Workout of the Day -  WOD) that will offer the opportunity to train on your schedule. 

              Coach Directed Practices

              Tuesday & Thursday 5:00-6:00am

              Anytime the pool is open on your own