Annual Registration Fees

SwimAmerica charges a $25 administrative annual registration fee per student. This fee is charged when a child is first enrolled in the program, regardless of the time of year. It is then charged annually on the anniversary date, or when a child is registered again after the anniversary date.

Group Lesson Package Fees

Lessons are sold in sets of eight, ten or 12. The number of lessons in a set varies with the length of a particular session. The price of the session package is determined by the number of lessons in it.

We run many different sessions of varying lengths in a year in an effort to accommodate and take advantage of things like school vacations, holidays. etc.

Lessons are 30 minutes long, except for school age pre-team lessons which are one hour long.

The cost for each set of 8 lessons:

  • School Age (5 years and up) $108
  • Pre-School (3 - 4 years) $128
  • When two or more siblings are enrolled, there is a $5 sibling discount in the price of the second siblings group lesson fee.

Private Lesson Fees

A set of 6 private, 30 minute lessons costs $165.