COVID-19 Related Information

Please download and read the "Heatlh and Safety Procedures for SwimAmerica Classes" document which you find under the "NEWS" tab carefully before registering. 


Please print these instructions and have them handy or keep this web page open to guide you through the registration process.

If you are new to the program, please review the level requirements before you start the registration process.

  • Preschool Levels
  • School Age Levels
  • Click on the appropriate link and read through the level descriptions to determine in which level your child will most likely belong. Or register for station 1-3 school age or 1-5 for preschoolers. We will evaluate your child during the first class and place him/her into the correct level.


Online Registration

1. Click on Register here on the Top Menu, and select "Lesson Registration"

2. Select the Program you are interested in (School age or Preschool)

3. Select the level your child was in last session or the level you think he/she wil be in, if this is your child's first time with SwimAmerica.  If unsure, just register for level 1-3 and we will adjust it.

4. Click on class time  for the first day you want your child to attend

5. Click on Register for the time slot you would like

6. Log into your account or if it is your first time registering, create an account

7. Add the student and place the class into your  shopping cart

8. Choose a second class and place into the shopping cart - add any siblings taking classes in the same way and proceed to the  checkout.

9. Follow instructions until you receive the payment confirmation.

See you at the pool


Manual Registration -(not available at this point)

Even if you would like to pay by check, please create an account and register your child online and just chose the option pay by check.  Then follow the instruction  below and bring the check to the Aquatic Complex..

If you would like to register your child manually, you can do so at the Aquatic Complex and pay by check. You will still need to have some idea where your child fits in our scheme of things but don't agonize over it. When you call, we'll figure it out!

Please review the level requirements before you start the registration process.

You will also need to know when you have time in your schedule for lessons. Please take a look at our current schedule.

You will need to complete the registration form, which you can pick up at the Aquatics Center Office or print out by clicking here  and turn it in to the Aquatic Complex office prior to the start of lessons.  If you have a preschooler (3 or 4 years old), please call our office to ensure, there are still spots available.


Please feel free to call our office with any questions or concerns you might have about the program.

Please call: 954-345-5441 - if you get the answering machine, please leave a brief message and we will return your call as soon as possible, within 24 hours.

Do remember that phone registrations are tentative until they are paid for.