Getting Started 
Prospective CMSA athletes should participate in a new swimmer evaluation before registering.  Please read the following information and use the link below to view the evaluation form and select your evaluation time.   

Evaluation Process 
Each evaluation typically includes the athlete demonstrating their form in the four competitive strokes while the evaluator takes notes.  For advanced swimmers, the evaluating coach may ask the athlete to swim a little more.  The evaluator will also discuss group expectations before placing the athlete.  This will allow our staff to appropriately place an athlete.  The length of each evaluation may vary depending on the number of participants and the skill level of the athletes at each evaluation, but generally, it should be completed in 10-15 minutes.  After an evaluation and subsequent recommendation by our qualified staff, swimmers will be able to register for the recommended group. 

Pool location
Bishop State Natatorium
351 North Broad Street, Mobile,

Please contact Coach Megan Hinely at [email protected] for more information. 

Providence Wellness Center (PWC) 
6904 Providence Park Dr. S., Mobile, Alabama

Please contact Coach Brian Evans at [email protected] 


CMSA New Swimmer Evaluation Sign-Up Form for Bishop Pool.

*Dates for August evaluations will be announced in July.