Who to Contact and How

The best way to contact any Excel location is via email. The phone numbers listed on this site will get you to the main desk of the facility. However, please understand that the person you reach is not an Excel Aquatics employee and may not be familiar with our programs, policies, schedules, etc. Due to the nature of what we do, we are most often not available to speak on the phone as we are in the water or on deck working with the swimmers. 

Each Excel Swim School location has a Director who handles the scheduling of lessons and communication with swimmers and their parents.  Please contact the Director for the location at which you plan to swim.  While we strive for consistency among our programs across all locations, there will be differences based on the uniqueness of each location.  The contacts are as follows:

Location City Facility Phone # Director Email Address
Brentwood ISC Brentwood (615)370-3471 Daun Lutz coachdaun@excelaquatics.org
Franklin Rec Center Franklin (615)790-5719 Natalie Penland franklinlessons@excelaquatics.org
Longview Rec Center Spring Hill (615)302-0971 Kim Battinelli coachkim@excelaquatics.org
Sportscom Murfreesboro (615)895-5040 Alicia Enroth borolessons@excelaquatics.org
Patterson Park Com. Center Murfreesboro (615)893-7439 Alicia Enroth borolessons@excelaquatics.org
Muletown Rec Center Columbia   Carrie Vaughan coachcarrie@excelaquatics.org
Nolensville Rec Center Nolensville (615)786-0200 Daun Lutz nolensvillelessons@excelaquatics.org
Fairview Rec Center Fairview (615)799-9331 ext 2300 Daun Lutz fairviewlessons@excelaquatics.org