Membership Options:

The Woodbridge Valley Pool is a members-only pool and all members must be bond owners or renters. 


The current one-time price for a WVP bond is $250.00 Once the bond is purchased bond member dues are significantly less then renting. Not only do you benefit financially from owning a bond, but you become part owner of Woodbridge Valley Pool! You can attend member meetings, vote on important pool operation matters, and join the pool board if you choose. The bond can even be transfered to the new onwner of your home if you ever move elsewhere. 

If you see yourself staying with WVP for a while, please consider purchasing a bond.  For those who have rented in the past, we’ll give you $50 credit toward the cost of the bond!


With a bond rental of $50 each season, you have full use of the pool and its facilities for the summer. 

Family and Single/Dual Memberships:

We offer two levels of pool membership once you decide on your bond purchase or rental.

·         The family membership covers all permanent members of a household.

·         The single/dual membership covers a maximum of two people in a household (one member being an adult)

2019 FEES

One Time Bond Purchase Fee - $250  (If you have previously rented a bond, fee if $200)
2019 Bond-Owning Vested Family  Dues- $432
2019 Bond-Owning Vested Single/Dual Dues - $324
2019 Bond-Rental Family Dues plus bond rental - $424 + $50 bond rent - $474
2019 Bond-Rental Single/Dual  plus bond rental - $318 + $50 bond rent - $368


Summer Guest - $75 (can only be purchased by an existing member whose dues are fully paid)


Referral Credit - $50 off per new member referral, applied the following season