Membership Options:

The Woodbridge Valley Pool is a members-only pool and all members must be bond owners or bond renters. We have two categories of memberships, family or single/dual.  PLEASE be sure to read through your options and reach out to us with any questions!

Bond Types

Bond Ownership - 

The current one-time price for a WVP bond is $250.00 Once the bond is purchased bond member annual dues are significantly less than renting over time. Not only do you benefit financially from owning a bond, but you become part-owner of Woodbridge Valley Pool! You can attend member meetings, vote on important pool operation matters, and join the pool board if you choose. We are also hoping for some Bond Owner-only special perks! The bond can even be transferred with the sale of your home, should you move away. As long as summer dues are paid each year, the bond will always be yours.

If you see yourself staying with WVP for several years, purchase a bond.  For those who have already rented a bond the prior summer, we’ll give you a $50 credit toward the cost of the bond for the coming season!

Bond Rental - 

The cost for renting a bond for the summer is currently $60. This is a recurring fee every summer you join the pool as a renter.  You have full use of the pool and its facilities.  There may be a few events or hours each summer that will be bond owner events/hours which you would not be able to attend. (We do not have a limit on how many years you can continue to rent a bond.  As we sell bonds, however, the number of rentals available will decline.)

Membership Types

Family - 

The family membership covers all permanent members of a household, with a maximum of 10 people.  All members over 18 will be required to show proof of residency. 

Single/Dual - 

The single/dual membership covers a maximum of two people who reside in a household (one member being an adult)

Please note: Full-time summer houseguests and/or nannies will need a summer guest membership.  These can be purchased for $120 HERE.  Non-swimming grandparents do not need a membership.

2022 FEES 

One Time Bond Purchase Fee $250  
Yearly Bond Rental Fee -$60

Bond-Owning Vested Family  Dues $450 
Bond-Owning Vested Single/Dual Dues - $338
Bond-Rental Family Dues - $475 
Bond-Rental Single/Dual Dues - $355 

If this is your first year with us, we recommend you start as either a Bond Rental Family or a Bond Rental Single/Dual. You can register and pay right here on the website under the Registration tab in the center of the home page!

Credit Card/ACH transactions online incur a 3.5% processing fee added during check-out.  

Payments can also be made by check and mailed to the address on your invoice or dropped at the pool once open.  However, if you choose to drop off at the pool, we require 24 hours to process payment prior to granting pool access.


Full-Time Summer Guest/Nanny Memberships - $120 (can only be purchased by an existing member whose dues are fully paid HERE or via email)


Daily Guest Passes - $7.00 or $30 for a sheet of 5 (can be purchased at the front desk with cash or check)


Referral Credit - $50 off per new membership referral you bring to us, applied the following season



A bond is an ownership share in the pool. Bond-owners are eligible to serve on the pool board, and the bond-owning members vote to elect the board as well as make needed policy adjustments at our Annual General Meeting.

Currently available for purchase for $250, once paid, that bond remains yours as long as you faithfully pay your dues each year. Failure to pay dues results in forfeiture of the bond (much like losing a security deposit). Those dues cover the expenses of the pool’s operation and maintenance of the entire property.  Bond-owning members pay lower dues each year than do rental members (see below) because they have paid the up-front purchase price and because we know they plan to return year after year. Over the years we intend to maintain a financial incentive for committing to stay here at Woodbridge Valley Pool long-term.

Should you decide you no longer wish to use the pool – or you are moving away – you can sell your bond to another person/couple/family, as long as they are then committed to paying the dues and abiding by the community rules as they use the pool.  A pool bond is a great selling feature to list with a home! 



Because we have “open” (unpurchased) bonds, and we wish to grow our community, we have instituted a bond rental program (“Rental Memberships"), where you can “try before you buy.”  You can rent a bond – currently at $60 per year – and pay the dues for just that year.  Our hope is that you will like the pool so much that you will want to commit to stay for future years!  Should you decide to purchase a bond after renting the prior summer, we will deduct $50 cost of the bond (currently making the bond purchase $200 instead of $250 for a returning member who paid dues the prior summer and converts membership type).