Ringing the End of Summer 2022

Jossie Sapunar
Thank you for a fun season, pool family. In case we didn't believe that the general membership meeting brings the summer to a close, this cold weather sure reminds us of it.
At last night’s general membership meeting, the volunteer pool board and members talked about our bright future and the enjoyable season that just ended. From the Bondowners Bash to the End of Summer Luau, this is the place to be. At Woodbridge Valley Pool, children become teens, teens become adults, swimmers lap in lanes, and adults bask in the sun watching it all happen. 
We talked about many things, with the two biggest points out of the meeting are centered on the gift that is ✨time.✨
We boast a growing membership, thanks to each of you and your referrals – your validation that indeed Woodbridge Valley Pool is the place to watch time pass by under the summer rays. With that, the referral program continues: we credit a member $50 off next year’s dues for each referral! If a member recruits five new memberships, next year’s dues will be totally covered by us. Once registration rolls around, tell your friends, family, and neighbors about Woodbridge Valley Pool and make sure they tell us you sent them. (There is a spot on the membership registration to put your name.)
The second point from the meeting is a warm invitation for you to lend some of your time, dedicated to making our pool home beautiful. Each of you carries a special talent inside that would be perfect should the moment arise. Whether it’s plumbing, hedging, gardening, baking, cleaning, let your light shine at Woodbridge Valley. There will be more opportunities to volunteer, beyond just the summer. If you seek volunteer hours for school or service, we can offer that to you.
As always, we are grateful that you choose Woodbridge Valley Pool. The board members are just passionate volunteers who have cleaned up trash, fixed broken fences, repaired the baby pool, worked the front desk, and so many other things. But we do it with tremendous care so that everyone who calls WVP your pool home can do so with joy. Thank you for letting us serve you, and we look forward to working side-by-side this new season.