Summer swim team is one of the best activities for building self esteem in a child and an excellent way to create new friendships. Through this healthy, fun team sport, kids and teens make lifelong friends. They will improve their overall fitness level and the great cross training is excellent for any young athlete. Swimming teaches the “life lessons” of sport and sportsmanship. This includes learning to deal with winning and losing, learning to work with coaches and teammates, and learning to respect athletic officials.

Any Woodbridge Valley Pool member is welcome to join the team.  The only prerequisite is the ability to swim across the pool (any way, any how). No previous swim experience is required! Regardless of a child’s starting level of skill, swimmers will observe a noticeable improvement in their proficiency as the summer season progresses. All that is needed is a child’s desire to learn and a willingness to comply with the team motto, “Swim like you mean it!”