SAFETY is our number one priority this summer.  We are blessed to live in a kid filled, fun, active neighborhood.  There are some expectations that need to be set to have a safe and successful summer.  

DO NOT speed down our street.  If you are late, please just BE LATE!  As a mom of 3 little girls I know how time gets away from us and we are rushing from one place to the next most days. Once you turn off Ute Ave onto Spyglass Lane please keep your speed at a MAX of 10mph. The kids in our neighborhood play in the street, do NOT look both ways before they cross the street, and are many times completely unaware of their surroundings (they are kids!:)  DO NOT speed! 

 PARKING - to ensure everyone's safety, please park  right after the first intersection in front of 520 Spyglass Lane.  We shouldn't need overflow parking but if we do please park east of our home on Creekview Court (next to the empty corner lot).  This will allow all parents to pull into a safe parking space and leave safely as well. We ask that you SLOWLY and cautiously use the cul-de-sacs to make your way to and from your parking spot instead of using any driveway as a turn around.  Our goal is that you can come to lessons and leave for lessons without ever having to backout of any space or driveway and that you will always be able to pull forward whether arriving or leaving.   Parking in our driveway will be for coaches only.

POOL ENTRANCE -  Enter the swimming area through the gate on the west side of the garage.  

PAYMENT -  Private Lesson Fee is $180/weekly session.  

Checks payable to:  Twigg Swimming Academy

                                   565 Spyglass Ln

                                   Waukee, IA 50263





Parents/Adults/Siblings are more than welcome to come in the backyard during the lesson but please know that t o ensure the safest and highest quality lesson, all non-swimmers must remain in the viewing area at all times.  Also, it is the parent responsibility to supervise other children while lessons are going on.

A restroom will be available for urgent situations, but please have all children (including non-swimmers) use the restroom at home before lessons begin.  

Lessons will be moving quickly throughout the day, so please have your swimmer “swim-ready.” This includes swimsuit on and goggles and caps ready, if applicable.  

INCLEMENT WEATHER  - we will do our best to get all lessons in rain or shine but if lessons are cancelled at any time during the week due to inclement weather, the Friday of that week will be used for make up lessons.  These will occur at the same time as previous lessons.  If multiple days in a week are cancelled due to inclement weather, a later date will be used for make up lessons. Cancellations will be on a lesson by lesson basis and parents will be alerted via our website and Facebook page.  Please note that we will not make up the lesson if we completed 20 or more minutes of the lesson.  


DIRECTIONS  - From Interstate 80, take the Waukee/Booneville exit north 2 miles to Spyglass Lane. Turn right and travel east to 565 Spyglass Lane.

From downtown Waukee, take 6th Street south past Waukee Elementary and Sugar Creek Golf Course.  Just past the golf course, turn left into Spyglass and travel east to 565 Spyglass Lane.