If you are unsure what level to place your child into we can do a pre-test in order to determine what class would be the best fit for them. Pre-tests can be done Mon-Thur @ 4:15PM or @ 7PM or on Saturdays at 12:30PM.

Any child returning to our program from a break of 3+ months must be pre-tested before registering for classes. It is common for a child's skills to regress slightly after a long hiatus. We feel that pre-tests are the best way to ensure all children receive the best quality lesson instruction.

Tests are free and only take a few minutes to complete. There is no need to schedule one in advance, just show up a few minutes early and have children be prepared to get into the water. 

If you believe your child would fit into our P1/B1 classes there is no need to pre-test them.