Private lessons should be set up directly with an instructor and can be worked around both yours and the instructor's schedules. Private lessons are 30 minutes long. Please call to add your name to our private lesson interest list.

Please note that we have a large demand for private lessons and a small staff. Adding your name to the private lesson list does not guarantee that we can provide you with the lesson.  In order to increase your chances of finding an instructor for your private lesson, please talk directly with an instructor that you would like to teach your lesson. If you do not hear back from an instructor in regards to your private lesson request, it is because no instructor is available to take on the private lesson.

Also, please consider that the easiest times to schedule a private lesson would be directly before or after a staff members regularly scheduled shift. The majority of the staff work weeknights from 4:30-7PM. The easiest time to set up a private lesson would either be at 4PM or at 7PM. Saturdays can also be an ideal time for private lessons at either 10AM or 12:30PM. You can always request a time outside of these hours and there is the possibility that we may be able to match you with an instructor, but it will be less likely.

Private Lesson Semi-Private Lesson
Students Enrolled in EAC Group Lessons $30 $45
Students Not Enrolled In Group Lessons $45 $55