We offer lifeguard classes every other season for those who are age 15+. These classes are blended learning with an online portion and instructor-led classroom sessions.


To begin this class, you must first pass the prerequisites, which include;

  1. 300yrd continuous swim with rhythmic and controlled breathing. Swimmers may use freestyle, breast stroke or a combination of both. Backstroke and side swimming are not allowed. Goggles may be used. 
  2. 2 minute treading water with no hands. Swimmers mays have their hands in their armpits or above the water. 
  3. Retrieving a 10 pound brick from our 10ft deep pool. Starting at the shallow end, students must swim to the deep end and identify the brick. Using the surface dive, feet-first, or head-first method, swimmers will retrieve the brick to the surface and swim on their backs to the shallow end.


For any questions or to sign up, call (206) 588-2297