Do you offer lifeguard classes?

We do. These are offered periodically throughout the year, typically on breaks that line up with the Highline School District schedule. We shoot to offer one during spring, winter and summer break.

How much do lifeguard classes cost?

Classes cost $136 payable to EAC. 

What skills do I have to know before I can join a lifeguard class?

Students must be able to demonstrate swimming competency by swimming 300yds in both freestyle and breaststroke, retrieve an object off of the bottom of the pool in a depth of 10ft, and tread water for 2 minutes. Those who are unable to complete the pre-reqs will not be able to take the course and will be refunded their money.

How old do I have to be to join a class?

You must be 15 years old before the last day of class. Age verification is required in the form of a state issued id card or a birth certificate.

Are lessons done in person or online?
Both! This course will be a blended online course. Students can view lessons online HERE. Note: If you have created an account through the American Red Cross in the past, you will need to do it again. Printed verification that lessons have been completed will be required. You may complete those now, or each day before class. 

Do I have to purchase any materials?
No, CPR masks and first aid supplies will be provided. A lifeguard manual is required which you may purchase a hard copy HERE, or you can download a PDF HERE for free.