Do I need to know how to swim to take a water exercise class?

Nope! Our water exercise classes are in both in either the deep or shallow end of the pool. No swimming required!

How do I sign up for water exercise classes?

There is no need to sign up for our water exercise classes. Your first visit is free, so come on in and check it out completely risk free. All classes are offered on a drop in basis.

How much do exercise classes cost?

Your first visit is free! After that you can drop in for either $6 for adults or $5 for seniors. Otherwise you can purchase a punch card that is good for 10 visits. Adult punch cards are $55 and senior punch cards are $45.

Our starting age is 55 to get the senior rate.

I haven't worked out in years, have a disability, or am afraid of the water. Can I do water exercise classes?

Yes! Workouts in the water are great for anyone and everyone. Our instructors are flexible and understanding of your needs. We are not here to be drill sergeants, but are here to support your exercise goals. Classes are completely self paced and instructors will provide alternative exercises to those who are unable to do all of the moves in class. Workouts in the water are gentle on the body making it a perfect option for those who are new to exercising or are recovering from injuries (Always consult your doctor before joining a class.)