Cedarburg High School Pool - South Parking - Grey Door #9.(YEAR ROUND)

Grafton High School Pool - North/East Parking Lot & Entry(SCHOOL YEAR ONLY)



#1 Question of 2022:  How do lessons work?

On a child's first day of lessons, we evaluate them for their skill level.  This is NOT based on grade in school or age, simply ability level.  We have 12-14 instructors working around the pool in 10 different skill levels with their small groups.  All 10 stations are available at EVERY LESSON TIME OFFERED.   This way you simply need to choose the day of the week and time that works best for you.  We take it from there!  Your child will move through the program at THEIR SPEED!  Our site supervisor, roaming the deck at every lesson, will work closely with the instructors to evaluate children in their small groups and move a child who is ready up to the next level that same day.

*Low Ratios 1:5(max)

*Teaching Staff - Caring, Knowledgeable & Trained staff from Oz Aquatics Sr. Team

*Swimmers move through program at THEIR PACE!

*Site Supervisor at every lessons working with staff to ensure excellence

If you have any questions, please email Jen, or call 262-424-7750.

 Why SwimAmerica for my child?
Lots of organizations and individuals teach swimming lessons. And you can pay less than you will pay at SwimAmerica. We don't teach lessons. We teach PEOPLE HOW TO SWIM. So what do you want to purchase? Swim lessons or having your child learn to swim? SwimAmerica Programs are all taught by members of the American Swimming Coaches Association who are certified in the teaching of swimming and experts in the proper development of stroke technique. We're the best in the world. Does your child deserve less than the best?

How are SwimAmerica Lessons different from others?
You'll find two critically important features in SwimAmerica Learn to Swim... First, we're technique oriented. We teach your child to swim like a pro with expert technique from the very first day in the water. They'll start with learning how to exhale underwater... and progress through every skill that an Olympic Swimmer will learn when they learned to swim. Second, we're goal-directed. Our coaches (in-water instructors) focus on the critical skills to achieve to move your child through the teaching progression as rapidly as they can do so. All learning is individually based... your child will learn as fast as they are able to do so, no waiting for those "slower in development." That's crucial when your child's safety is at stake. SwimAmerica is run by the pros. And your child's progress will prove it.

Our SwimAmerica program services all children from the Milwaukee, Cedarburg, Mequon, Saukville, Port Washington, Grafton, and Germantown communities.  We welcome you all to tryout our program, we know you will be happy with the results.

In order to advance through our program, swimmers must complete the following skills.  In addition to these skills, other fundementals will be taught.

Advancement Goals



1. 10 Relaxed bobs


Floats and Glides

2. Front Glide and recover - 5 seconds

3. Back Glide and recover - 5 seconds



4. Front Kick - 15 feet

5. Back Kick - 15 feet


Crawl Stroke

6. Side Glide Kick - 20 feet

7. Crawl Stroke - 20 feet no breathing



8. Crawl Stroke with breathing with a minimum of 4 breaths



9. Swim Freestyle - 75 feet

10. Swim Backstroke - 30 feet

11. Tread Water for 1 minute


Breaststroke & Butterfly

12. Swim Freestyle - 50 yds

13. Swim Backstroke - 25 yds

14. Kick Breaststroke



15. Swim Freestyle - 100 yds using bi-lateral breathing

16. Swim Breaststroke - 25 yds

17. Swim Butterfly - 30 feet


Lifetime Strokes

18. Swim Freestyle - 200 yds using bi-Iateral breathing for one continuous 50

19. Swim Butterfly - 25 yds

20. Swim Breaststroke - 50 yds

21. Swim Elementary Backstroke - 50 yds

22. Swim Sidestroke - 50 yds


Individual Medley

23. Swim 300 yds Freestyle

24. Swim 100 yds Backstroke

25. Swim 100 yds Individual Medley