Lake Country Community Swim is a division of Lake Country Swim Team. Lake Country Swim Team has been a member of the Hartland area community since 1982, providing a nationally recognized competitive swim program for Lake Country children.

MISSION: To teach children and young adults the essential life skills of swimming and water safety.

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Lessons scheduled to return Spring 2023.

All lessons are at Arrowhead High School Pool


All registration is done on-line, from this website.  To register, click on "Class Registration" above.

Part of the first day will be a quick evaluation to determine the starting station for each swimmer.  (If you have already participated in the Lake Country Community Swim lessons, your returning swimmer will begin at the station they were last in.)

---> Canceled classes prior to registration closing are eligible for 100% account credit OR 100% refund payable only by check at the discretion of Lake Country Community Swim.  Canceled classes after registration closing are subject to a 20%processing fee.

---> We offer reduced fees for families on the free-school lunch program (group-style lessons only; not private lessons.)  Please contact the office (262-367-7657.)

---> Make Check Payments to: Lake Country Swim Team

Questions?  Send us an email by clicking on "Contact Us" to the left or call 262-367-7657.


WAIVER (required for all participants)

Waivers can be mailed to Lake Country Swimming, PO Box 181, Hartland, WI 53029 OR brought to class on the first day.


Learn-to-Swim Lessons for School-Aged Children

We utilize a station teaching design that allows students (ages 5* and up) to move through the program at their own pace.   There are 8 stations that will move a child from their first introduction to the pool to being a competent swimmer able to enjoy the recreational and fitness benefits of swimming.  Goggles are highly recommended. 

Our program is technique based.  The foundation of efficient relaxed swimming is proper technique. We focus on teaching proper stroke mechanics from the very beginning.  Our progression moves from establishing comfort and air exchange to correct body position and then to efficient propulsion.

Our program is goal driven.  Students and parents will be able to follow their swimmer’s progress on their personal skill mastery chart.  We do everything we can to ensure a positive and fun swimming lesson for your child. In addition to receiving a great swim lesson, children are rewarded daily with instructor praise and support as well as tangible awards like stickers, tattoos and candy.

A primary safety goal is for a swimmer to be able to swim 300 yards with proper breath exchange.  This skill will greatly increase their survival chances if they are inadvertently placed in the water and need to swim to safety.

The curriculum outlined below is not fully inclusive of all the skills taught at each station.  There are many building block skills, technique drills and water games that will be used by instructors to guide swimmers towards the advancement goal for each station.

* = Four-year olds who have taken preschool lessons and are comfortable in a group setting may be ready for these lessons.  If you have questions, please contact us (click on "Contact Us" to the left.)

Station Descriptions

1.       Splashers:  Students will be introduced to the water in a fun and relaxing way.  Instructors will guide students through safe pool entry, submersion, and air exchange.  Students will advance from this group when they can accomplish 10 relaxed bobs in shallow water demonstrating their increased comfort with water and the ability to exchange air while submerging and recovering to the surface.

2.       Floaters:  At this station students will work on achieving buoyancy.  Instructors will teach front and back floats and front and back streamlining.  Students will advance when they can glide on their front and back in a streamline position for 5 seconds demonstrating their ability to establish a balanced and comfortable body position at the surface of the water.

3.       Kickers:  At this station students will be introduced to methods of moving through the water.  The primary skill taught at this station is flutter kicking in a streamline position at the surface.  They will also be introduced to dolphin kick as well as sculling and finning to move through the water.  Students will advance when they can kick at the surface in a streamline position for 5 yards on both their front and back.

4.       Crawlers:  At this station students are introduced to front and back crawl.  Combining flutter kick on the side with rotation and proper arm sweeps, student will begin to move through the water with long smooth strokes and flat body position.  Advancement is earned when the swimmer can flutter kick on their side for 5 yards and swim back and front crawl for 12 yards.

5.       Freestylers: Here students will be taught to swim front crawl with breathing.  Being able to breathe rhythmically while swimming allows student to significantly increase their ability to swim longer distances.  Swimmers will advance from this station when they demonstrate that they can swim freestyle with breathing and backstroke for 25 yards.

6.       Divers:  At this station students are taught a shallow angle dive using a progression that will take them from a seated dive to a standing dive at a shallow angle.  Other deep water skills like treading water and surface dives are taught as well.  Swimmers continue to refine their freestyle technique to increase their distance ability.  Swimmers advance when they can do a shallow angle dive, swim freestyle for 50 yards and backstroke for 50 yards and tread water for 1 minute.

7.       Strokers:  At this station students are introduced to competitive swimming strokes like breaststroke, butterfly, and life strokes like elementary backstroke and side stroke while continuing to refine their freestyle and backstroke skills.  Students are advanced to the next station when they can swim freestyle for 100 yards, breaststroke for 25 yards and butterfly for 12 yards.

8.       Swimmers:  At this station, students will continue to work on increasing their freestyle distance ability up to 300 yards.  Swimmers will be introduced to basic lifesaving and rescue skills and competitive and fitness swimming skills.  Swimmers graduate from the program when they can swim 300 yards freestyle, backstroke for 100 yards breaststroke for 50 yards and butterfly for 25 yards.


Cost:  $90 per session (includes eight 30-minute lessons)

Class Limit:  up to 40

Current Schedule: Coming Spring 2023


Preschool Lessons (3-5 years)

Our preschool swim lessons gradually introduce learn-to-swim and water safety skills in an age-appropriate learning environment.  
Children in these lessons can - 
-separate from the parent
-listen well and are able to take turns
-obey simple instructions
-enjoy the water and have expressed an interest in learning to swim.

Pre-school swim lessons move a child from their first introduction to the pool to being able to participate in our school age Learn-to-Swim classes. ​

Cost:  $60 per session (includes six 30-minute lessons)

Class Limit: up to 15

Current Schedule:  Coming Spring 2023



Parent/Tot Swim Lessons (9-36 months)

Parent and Tot classes are taught as a combined session with you, the adult, accompanying the child in the water to cultivate confidence in and around the pool. Skills are introduced at the child's developmental level and teach basic water swimming skills. Basic water skills and safety are also taught to both you and your swimmer, then reinforced through songs, water "play" and a lot of bonding and confidence building.

Tots must be at least 9 month on first day of class and be able to control head movement. In this water adjustment program, a trained instructor will guide parents in teaching body position, blowing bubbles, floating and fundamental safety and aquatic skills.  When ready, instructors will introduce paddle strokes, kicking skills, blowing bubbles with face in the water and floating.

Cost:  $60 per session (includes six 30-minute lessons)

Class Limit:  up to 10

Current Schedule: Coming Spring 2023



Adaptive Lessons (all ages)

Adaptive swim lessons for swimmers with special needs are available with private instruction.

Cost: $28/30-minute lessson (one-on-one instuction)

Schedule: One-on-one lessons are available year-round.  Sign-up under Private Lessons (within Class Registration).



Private Lessons (ages 4 and up)


Cost: $28/30-minute session (one-on-one instruction)

(Each additional student is +$12.)

Schedule:  Available year-round.  Sign-up under Private Lessons (within Class Registration.) If you are interested in semi-private lessons (up to 3 swimmers) please contact Whitney Witt at [email protected]