Lake Country Community Swim is a division of Lake Country Swim Team. Lake Country Swim Team has been a member of the Hartland area community since 1982, providing a nationally recognized competitive swim program for Lake Country children.

MISSION: To teach children and young adults the essential life skills of swimming and water safety.

Lake Country Swim Team To Manage Community Swimming Programs

Dear Fellow Lake Country Community Families,

As you know, Lake Country Swim Team has been awarded a contract to manage and operate the Arrowhead High School Pool, including community swim lessons, open swim and adult fitness programs.  We believe this is an opportunity to share our passion for all levels and interests in swimming with our community.  Lake Country Swim Team has prided itself on welcoming all who want to swim, regardless of ability and this program allows us to continue and expand that tradition with a focus on serving our community.

In conjunction with Arrowhead High School, we have prepared some accurate information for you to share with your neighbors, friends and other community members, should the subject come up.  The points below address some of the concerns of community members.

Pool Usage- The priorities of the pool usage have not changed.   The school needs take first priority, followed by the community and Lake Country Swim Team.  

Cost- The district will save on average $23,000.00 per year.  The breakdown of the savings is: approximately $17,000.00 in pool director salary and benefits, and $6,000.00 subsidizing swim lessons and community swim opportunities.  The Lake Country Swim Team will take on the role of pool director and will have a modest increase in user fees to offset the losses from the lessons and community usage.  The cost of running the community program will not impact the taxpayers of our community.

Community Opportunities- Due to the fact that one entity is scheduling the pool usage for community and club swimming, they will be able to combine opportunities for both groups to make the pool more accessible than it has been in the past.  For instance; they may run two lanes of community lap swim at the same time the other four lanes are being used for club swimming. 

The pool may be available during the school day to run community programming.  For instance; the pool is not used during the lunch hour by the school, which may be a great time to run an adult water aerobics class. 

The increased flexibility that the pool will now have should increase opportunities for community access.

Safety – The new leadership of the pool will follow all state requirements in the area of pool safety.  This will be monitored by the school on a regular basis.

Communication with the School:  To ensure that this partnership between the Lake Country Swim Team and Arrowhead Union High School runs well, representatives from both groups will meet monthly.  The officers from the club will meet the last Friday of the month with school officials including; the principal, athletic director, and the building and grounds supervisor.  The purpose of the meetings will be to ensure that the agreement is being adhered to from both sides and to maintain an open line of communication to discuss issues as they arise. 

Lessons- The Lake Country Swim Club swim lessons will be similar to the former Red Cross program.  Students will be exposed to the same skills and activities that were covered in the past.  The main difference will come in the area of student advancement.  Students will be placed in skill stations instead of levels.  Once a student masters the advancement goals of a specific station they will be passed into the next station. A student will be able to be in multiple stations throughout a session provided they master the necessary skills to move on.  There will be no charge for a student moving from station to station during the same four week session.   In the old program, students had to wait to test out at the end of the session to move on.

If you, or anyone you speak to, have any questions, please contact Mark Kohnhorst, Head Coach/Executive Director Lake Country Swim Team at 262-367-7657 or [email protected]