Lake Country Community Swim is a division of Lake Country Swim Team. Lake Country Swim Team has been a member of the Hartland area community since 1982, providing a nationally recognized competitive swim program for Lake Country children.

MISSION: To teach children and young adults the essential life skills of swimming and water safety.

Recent Testimonials

Received 7-20-21:

"Just wanted to let you know how much we love swim lessons. I signed my son up for the first two sessions and he loved it so much I ended up signing up for sessions three and four. Every aspect of the way you run it is so great...from how they are able to feel like they are advancing by moving up through the ranks, how the groups aren't labeled (beginner, intermediate, etc) with titles that peg kids, how each day the teachers call off who they have in their class so no one is confused. I feel like you have thought of every single detail and it is just amazing. 
I also want to give a specific shout out to Olivia who is such a gem of a teacher. ALL your teachers do a great job with praise and smiles and patience, but she really has the skills of a natural teacher. 
Thanks for running such an awesome program, we are lucky to have you here in Hartland!"