Coach Brett
Grew up in Wheat Ridge/Arvada & swam for North Jeffco Swim Team (NJST - the first team west of the Mississippi to win Junior Nationals 1988, that wasn't a CA team).  Attended/swam @ West Virginia University & Metro but coaching took precedence.  Coaching began when I was 15 when I got my WSA and continued through my mid-30s when I decided to redirect all my efforts into corporate America and advertising sales.  When that ran its course in 2015 I caretook for the coach who brought NJST to fame for a year-and-a-half until he passed.  During that time I began coaching with Shawn (TOPS) who I met while I was coaching in the 90s at MACS he swam for us when they were building the Ritchie Center and he was at DU.  My coaching has panned teaching lessons (many years), Rolling Hills summer club (3 years, swim & dive), North Jeffco Masters (2 years), Pomona High School (5 years, swim & dive), MACS (two 3-year+ stints in the mid-90s and early 2000s), North Jeffco (1986-1996 and 2015), TOPS (2016-Aug 2022).  I've been a CSI Coach at All-Stars & Zones (11-12 age group typically) since 2017 and went to All-Stars and Zones in the 90s and early 2000s.  Through covid and since I finished the home remodel of the house I bought in 2002 which is the house my Dad grew up in (1948).  Have had side businesses in Advertising Sales (outdoor, think billboards) since 2016 where I am a commission salesperson & developer.  A venture that's been not alive since covid is my swim business which I hope to get going again.  My Mom is in Silverthorne and celebrated 50yrs with my Dad in Sept 2020 and he passed in Dec 2020.  He was a 52-year PSIA and my personal coach (amazing ski coach!) but he did start Foothills and coached plenty of swimming in CO himself.  I draw my passion from him, Coach Ken Kelley/Steve Drozda/Ulla Stump (my age-group coaches on NJST).  There are many mentors I have as well.  I love coaching and the time away (2006-2015) made me realize how important coaching/swimming is in my life.  Hobbies are (the house...I know, still...never ends) all biking, all skiing, some music, Mom/friend-time.  My personal experience and belief is in great effort, positive and constructive (honest) feedback, and mathematics/logic to communicate (sometimes that means music or some big words/concepts).  Super excited to work with everyone!