I'm excited and blessed to be joining Aces Swim Club.  I wanted to share some things about myself and am excited to get to know all of you very soon. 

I was born in Virginia and moved to Tennessee at a young age.  I have 2 older brothers, 1 younger sister, and 3 younger brothers.  I believe family is extremely important.  Having support from family plays a vital role in our well-being and future.  My wife and I, Stephanie, have been married since 2018.  I am very blessed to have her support in my life.  I would not be where I am today without her.

Growing up in a big family, there was never a dull moment. We all grew up playing sports, including swimming.  I swam in summer leagues and then started swimming year-round with my brothers.  In high school, I was able to swim and play tennis without any schedule conflicts or missing practice.  I decided to pursue swimming in college.  I had the privilege of swimming for Coach Bill Powell at Western Kentucky University.  At the time, Coach Powell was the 2nd all-time winningest coach in NCAA Division I history.  The assistant coach was former world record holder in the SCM 50 Free, Steve Crocker.  Steve was one of a handful of swimmers in the 1980's that could swim the 50-yard free in 19.7 seconds.  My junior year Coach Bruce Marchionda joined the coaching staff.  Coach Bruce helped Claire Donohue make it to the Olympics in 2012 in the 100 Fly and currently coaches Claire Curzan in North Carolina.  I specialized in middle distance free.  My junior year was my favorite year, going undefeated in all dual meets.  Swimming in college was a lot of fun.  It taught me so much about myself, the sport of swimming, and I have lifelong friends I refer to as Teammates in life.  I graduated with a double major in Political Science & Sociology. 

I have been coaching swimming part time since 1999 and have been exclusively committed to coaching swimming since 2010.  

Here's a few details where I have been since 2010: 

• 2010-2014 - Highlands Ranch Community Association. Highlands Ranch, CO.  Lead coach for US Masters program, Head of Seahawks Elite and Drill Academy, Associate Head Coach for Seahawks MHSL summer team, Head Coach Seahawks CARA summer team.  Assisted swim clinics with gold medalist Misty Hyman. Provided private coached lessons and was assistant coordinator for swim lesson program.

• 2014-2016 - Longhorn Aquatics. Austin, TX.  Lead coach for Silver, Bronze and High School groups and dryland.  Assisted other groups, including Gold, Senior and National and provided coached private sessions.  Interacted and observed Men's and Women's UT college teams training regimens and concepts.  Attended USA Swimming's regional swim clinics.  

High level meets: American Short Course, TYR Pro Swim series, South Texas Short Course Championships (STAGS), South Texas Long Course Championships (STAGS), BB Championships.

• 2016-2020 - Waterloo Swimming. Austin, TX.  Lead coach for US Masters, Silver II and Gold groups and dryland.  Then lead coach for Elite/National group and dryland.  Assisted with other groups including Senior, Gold and Bronze 2.   Assisted swim clinic with gold medalist Tyler Clary.  Provided private coached sessions.  Underwater and above water camera analysis feedback to better technique.  Meet Director for team hosted meets and entries chair.  Attended American Swim Coaches Association's World Swim Clinics. Partnered with a local sports medicine doctor and physical therapist for injury prevention and swimmer specific strength strategies.  College swimming power point presentations for swimmers and parents.  Help and advise swimmers with official and unofficial visits to college swim programs.  Trained college swimmers during their scheduled breaks and during long course season.

High level meets: Short Course World Championships, Long Course World Championships, US Open, Summer Junior Nationals, Winter Senior Nationals, Winter Junior Nationals, Futures, Sectionals, Southern Zones, Texas Senior Circuit, Texas Age Group Championships (TAGS), South Texas Short Course Championships (STAGS), South Texas Long Course Championships (STAGS).

 Swimming is an amazing and challenging sport.  We are mostly in a horizontal position, immersed in water.  This non land based sport requires a lot of attention to detail on body awareness and technique.  As a coach, I enjoy the detailed process of helping swimmer athletes get a little better, one practice at a time.  When swimmers get a little better one practice at a time, those improvements start to add up over time.  I believe supporting athletes inside and outside the pool is very important.  Principles such as self-discipline, confidence, endurance, maturity, and humility learned in swimming can help in many aspects in day-to-day life.  I highly encourage all swimmers to seek feedback regularly from their coach. Every practice and swim meet are great opportunities for swimmers to grow, learn and become better.  


A few other fun facts:

• My second favorite sport is ice hockey. 

• I enjoy playing guitar.

• We have 2 puppies, Riley and Ranger.

• The ocean is amazing.

• Daily stretching does wonders.

• I enjoy playing golf.

• I love the sounds of birds chirping and waters flowing.

• Squirrels are fun.

• An ancestral diet with lots of whole foods is amazing.

• Coffee!