Arapahoe High School 2201 E Dry Creek Rd Littleton, CO 80122

Arapahoe High School is located on S. University Blvd. and E. Dry Creek Road. To get to the pool, you will need to be on E. Dry Creek Road, west of S. University Blvd. Turn north on S. Franklin Street. Take the first right into the parking lot. The pool is located in the corner of the school. 

Heritage High School 1401 W Geddes Ave Littleton, CO 80120-4120

Heritage High School is located in the neighborhood near S. Broadway and W. Mineral Ave. More specifically, the school is located off of S. Windermere St. and W. Geddes Ave. To get to the pool, you will have to be on W. Geddes Ave., east of S. Windermere St. Turn into the parking lot (be very careful of the speed bumps in the parking lot – they are ferocious). The pool is located at the bottom of the parking lot. The pool has glass windows facing the parking lot. 

Cherokee Trail High School 25901 E Arapahoe Pkwy N Aurora, CO 80016

Cherokee Trail High School is located off of E. Smoky Hill Rd. and E. Arapahoe Rd. in Aurora. To get to the pool, you will need to be on E. Arapahoe Rd., east of E. Smoky Hill Rd. Take the first left. This will take you down on the long driveway and along the school. The pool is at the very end of the school next to the tennis courts. 


The Lowry Pool 775 Akron Way Denver, CO 80230-7117

The Lowry Pool is located on the old Lowry Air Force Base that has since been converted into a new neighborhood development. To get to the pool from E. 6th Ave and Havana St, go west on E. Havana St. to the round-a-bout. At the round-a-bout, go right (this is Yosemite). Then take your first right (Severn), it will jog left, then take your first left (Akron). The pool will be located on your left. You can either park in the lot along Akron or just north of the pool.